Tuesday, August 17, 2010

DIY rehearsal dinner invites

in follow-up to my embossing 101 post i wanted to highlight our DIY rehearsal dinner invites as well.

i googled "rehearsal dinner invite wording" and found a few nice options to choose from.  i had pat email these to his parents to see which ones they liked, and then i played around with fonts that i downloaded online (for free!).

i came up with a few contenders but they didn't end up working with the wording that was chosen (no big deal, it actually looked much nicer in the end anyways!), and ended up using Trajan Pro for the main font and Porcelain for the names.  of course i'm biased but i think they came out pretty classy!

i wanted to use porcelain font on the envelopes too, but its so dressy that you almost can't read it unless it is a larger font, so i stuck with the trajan pro and just mail merged them from my handy excel list.

oh and i had all intentions of using the cute knife and fork stamp (that i got from paper source for those who were asking) but i just couldn't find a place to put it where it didn't cramp words or look weird.  so i ended up using the pretty peony-style stamp instead.  i will save the silverware stamp for the DIY menus (more to come on that!)

all of my trial versions... which people will get :).  couldn't figure out which stamp to use, to emboss or not to emboss, and placement of the stamp!

the winning design and fonts

the pre-addressed envelopes

and there you have it.  the list still seems to be growing, but i'm slowly chopping away at it!


  1. Those are beautiful! I thought about rehearsal dinner invites for a split second. But after our wedding invites, I don't have it in me to DIY any more paper goods!

  2. Ours was word of mouth-but it was very small and not very formal. They are lovely! You are getting so creative!!

  3. Lovely! The colors look really good together and the shimmer of the embossing is gorgeous :)

  4. Loving it. Wanna do mine too :)

  5. I love them...these are so professional, your guests are going to think you spent some mad money on them! Very beautiful and I love the embossing.

  6. I have felt like kind of a slacker because I'm not DIYing the invites... but this might give me a little bit more DIY bravado! Thanks for the idea!


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