Thursday, August 12, 2010

fashionably clueless - part 1

i just got a list of things to bring for my mystery bachelorette party next weekend and i am at a loss.  i have my own sense of style and we all know that involves a pair of jeans, a pair of rainbows or my frye boots, and a white t-shirt.  sometimes i'll get crazy and wear a colored scarf too - watch out!

so some of the things on the list included a "nice dressy outfit" and a "fun going out outfit".  what does that even entail?  i went online looking for some ideas and i feel like they're all too dressy or too casual.  help!

nice dressy outfits:

victoria's secret

they'll never let me get away with this, probably too casual :)  victoria's secret

j.crew - would probably get in white

j.crew - this pink or a khaki?

i'm already intimidated so stay tuned for part 2... "fun going out outfits" - haha :)

i might also see what my friend target has going on :)


  1. top dress rocks!!! soooooo excited coussssssss!

  2. I personally like the first 2 dresses best :)

  3. I love that first dress, I I feel like it could be dressy or casual depending on how you style it.

  4. i love the first one! & i love the idea of the third one ( j crew) but getting it in white: because you're the bride!

  5. Love the J Crew 'cause I'm partial to Pink.

  6. The last one, in pink!


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