Monday, August 23, 2010

i got my hair did

and it turned out pretty much like what i was looking for... i think?  i'm still kind of freaked out because i didn't try any other styles... just this.  we decided because my hair has a mind of it's own, maybe it's best to keep it all up, even though i thought i might want to do half up, half down.  don't get me wrong - my hairdresser did exactly as we discussed and i liked it... but i just didn't get the "wow, this is it" feeling.  maybe that only happens for the dress (and the shoes)?

anyways, without further ado, i present to you, photographic evidence (taken with a real camera, not even my blackbizzle):

BEFORE.  ouch.

MEANWHILE.  and yes, they poured me a glass of wine :)

AFTER - side view 1

AFTER - side view 2.  note - currently its a little too "prommy" for me so we're going to have the hair cover all of it so it doesnt look like sections being pulled in to the chignon
a better view of the back and a preview of my mantilla veil (my mom's)

considering this was the look i was going for...

i think we came pretty close!

so in the long run, i'm still not sure if this will be the final style... but it will probably be close!  only time will tell :)


  1. It's really pretty! I didn't have a big "wow" moment during my hair trial either, but it looked nice and I was happy with it overall (knowing a few tweaks would be made).

  2. I think it's really pretty! I think your veil will look really great with the hairstyle too.

  3. soo pretty! i love it- you are going to be so beautiful :-)

  4. I think it looks nice! It looks wedding-y to me :)

  5. I think you came as close as possible to the pic of Carrie. They look great!! See now... I love the curls on you why can't I get behind them for myself? I'm a lost cause. I feel you about the "Prom-y" bit too I think that's why I'm hesitating??

    BTW - your mother's veil is absolutely amazing. You're going to look spectaular!!

  6. LOVE it - you look amazing!!! I think you'll have the bridal moment when you have hair, make up, the dress, and the veil all combined; I didn't have it either (and I had hair & make up together). So tell us about your bachelorette!!! :)


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