Saturday, August 7, 2010

jars of love

we all know of my obsession with mason jars.  but can you believe i actually use them for the reason they exist, too?  :)

so all along during my wedding planning process i've also been working on something else just as important.  as you may know, my cousin courtney and i are training to run the new york marathon on november 7.  we are running with fred's team, and are working to raise $6,000 to directly benefit patients in need and research for better therapies at memorial sloan-kettering cancer center.  we're running in memory of 2 uncles who passed away from cancer and also in honor of friends who are currently battling this horrible disease.  currently we are still $3,000 away, so lately i've been making lots and lots of pickles and jam, but selling them for a donation to our fundraiser!

want some homemade jam or pickles to benefit a great cause?  click here and donate, and send me a message with your contact info and you can enjoy this yummy summer treat to help benefit an amazing cause.  i would also be honored to add a name to the back of my marathon jersey if you have someone you'd like us to run in honor or memory of.  it makes the day even more special.  the best part though, is running by all of the patients at MSKCC and having them outside and cheering their hearts out for you, when you're working hard to make them better.  it's amazing.

my 2008 finish.  5 hours and 39 minutes!

enjoy your weekend everyone!!

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  1. Wow that's such an awesome thing! I wish I loved to run b/c I'd so do it too!


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