Thursday, August 19, 2010

long distance planning takes its toll

i'm not gonna lie.  it's been fun.  but it's tough.  not being near my parents, bridesmaids, girlfriends, pat's family during this whole process is somewhat...sad sometimes!

i rely on emails/texts and sporadic phone calls with my parents.  this means i have to read between the lines on the emails/texts, and sometimes the wording might mean one thing but i read it as another.  and vice versa.  for example, the beautful idea of burlap table runners in my head was vetoed via email.  because i live so far away (my company moved me to SF, i'm from the east coast), i feel like i am missing out on this special time with my family and everytime i come home i CRAM every possible thing in to a weekend so i can make sure things got knocked off my list.  and it's stressful!  when you're discussing your guest list (holy crap that's a story in itself), weekend events, decor, etc. via email/phone, it all kind of starts to take a toll on you and you really need to learn to take a step back!

then there's the weekend itself - we come in on the redeye flight, arriving thursday morning before the wedding.  then we proceed to: pick up my dress in hoboken, pick up his tux in orange, ct., head to guilford, pick up decorations/last minute stuff for the wedding, run errands, get stuff done, manis, pedis, rehearsal, rehearsal dinner, rehearsal dinner dance party :), DECORATE THE VENUE THE MORNING OF THE WEDDING, makeup, hair, get dressed, make a few stops on the way to the church, i do, i do, let's party!, brunch, brunch, drive to NJ, fly back to SF, fly to hawaii....  all in 4 days.  it's totally overwhelming!!  i just want to make sure to be able to spend time with everyone without leaving my wedding dress behind in a cloud of dust.

want me to call the waaaaahmbulance?  maybe tomorrow :)

end of rant :)


  1. Sorry to hear you're stressed. I can't imagine planning long distance so you're totally allowed to rant about it ;o) But you're almost there! Everything's going to work out and before you know it, you'll be relaxing on a beach in Hawaii!

  2. *BIG HUGS* I agree... it is Hard with a captiol H... overwheleming and feels like such a rush. No waaaaahmbulance - just a little nod of understanding from over here. It is a little like turbulance.. a little like being in the ocean.. you have to just sit back and ride the wave.

  3. Wow-I can't even imagine trying to do it long distance. Your day will be a whirlwind alright. The sad part is you probably won't get to spend too much time with folks BUT I think that's just the way it is with any wedding. It's so fast but so wonderful though.

  4. I can only imagine how stressful that is! My fiance doesn't have vacation so we're trying to work it out where he gets the afternoon on Friday off before the wedding. We have people driving in from out of town that we really won't have much time to spend with. I think sometimes this is all very stressful! They say that planning a wedding is kind of a lot like life. Just relax and enjoy! It only happens once!!!

  5. Wow that does sound stressful!

    Just remember to breathe..and take a nap if you can :)

  6. Wow girl, that does sound like a lot. Is there any way you can get out there a day earlier? Maybe just a few hours earlier so you can get there and relax a bit before the craziness? I know how those red-eyes are - it's painful. Sounds like you have a great support system in CT - so that's a big help. From what everyone says - it'll all fly by no matter what so I wouldn't even worry about it.

    And have fun at the rehearsal dinner dance party - what a great idea! Can't wait to see pics!!!


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