Wednesday, August 11, 2010

the mystery bachelorette party

can you believe 5 bridesmaids, a maid of honor, a few other girlfriends, my parents and pat have been able to keep a surprise from me?  me neither.  i am horrible with surprises.  at christmastime i always want to give my gifts away the second i buy them; i'm so excited for the recipient to open them.  or i hint so badly as to what they are that on the actual holiday, the person probably already has a pretty good idea of what might be in that golf-club shaped box :)

so the fact that my bachelorette party is a surprise is nothing short of a miracle.  i still have a week to go, though, so let's see how much longer it will stay that way, but if we've made it this far, i think it will continue a mystery.  i do know which girls to avoid talking about the subject with though, because i know something might give it away (sorry betsy :))  

obviously as i live in california and everything is back east, the date couldn't be a surprise, but everything else certainly is.  all i know is to come home on a certain date and meet my maid of honor on friday night, and take monday off. 

i do need to prepare in some way so today i asked my maid of honor, christine, to at least give me a heads up as to what i need to pack (hello!  i might need to do some shopping!), so she sent me the following email:

From: Christine X
Subject: What to bring to Lake Onawana  **side note, remember Salute Your Shorts (camp anawana)?  yeah, i think that's where this came from**

You MUST pack the following:
1. One nice dressy outfit
2. One fun going out outfit
4. Three casual outfits
5. Tweezers
6. Flip Flops
7. An excited attitude
8. Underwear
9. Yoga clothes
10. One sweatshirt / jeans (in case the weather is not the BEST -I doubt this will be true)
11. Your passport
12. Your I pod with tons of fun music
13. A hat with a wide rim
14. Espadrilles
15. Your camera

is that not hilarious?  tweezers?!  haha.  i love the random stuff thrown in here but now that i've read this email, i am even MORE in the dark as to where we're going (but i CAN'T wait!)

hopefully we don't get thrown out of a bar because the bride-to-be handing out fake tickets to innocent guys has one of the guys sing michael buble (sounded just like him) as his "penalty" so all the other ladies in the bar start screaming because they think it's him.  not that that ever happened or anything (at my cousin's bachelorette party last summer in newport, ri!)  hahaha :)

outside the red parrot, giving it "a" finger.  trying to get kicked out with class.  note the horrendous sequin tank top i chose to wear that night.  you could see exactly where i'd gone, because there was a trail of sequins everywhere i went :)  but even better than that is my cousin's (the bride-to-be) face in the back right, looking so angry haha!


  1. sounds exciting!! I'll be in A.C. this weekend for my friend's bachelorette party! With your could be anywhere!! ESPECIALLY since your passport is on there!!

  2. cryptic lists are the best... how exciting is this?! I'm terrible with surprises too and have been slightly vocal with the planning of mine (bad I know) can't wait to hear where it is!!

  3. lol that picture is hysterical!! ahhh suprises kill me! id be on the edge of my seat trying to figure out where im going! lol my fiance is actually from hoboken! we live up in bergen county now. i love jersey :) if i had to guts to move somewhere else i dont know if i could lol

  4. We planned a surprise bachelorette weekend for my maid of honor last month, and now she's doing the same for me next month! So fun :)

  5. haha sounds like fun, the surprise :) I have a surprise this weekend but I have no clue what it is or who is involved other than my fiance knows and I have to wear a white dress tomorrow night (that is not my wedding dress)

  6. Hah! "Passport" cracks me up. Sounds like it's gonna be a blast. Can't wait to see the recap.

    Oh & it's not a party till you get tossed out of a bar. LOL :)

  7. Lol! I am horrible at surprises too, especially at x-mas time. :) Have a great time!! xo- kasrrie


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