Sunday, August 8, 2010

ode to my trainer

this post is a bit intimidating to write, as i don't usually like to talk about this kind of thing.  but i'm proud of the hard work i've been doing for "operation wedding dress", so i'm going to just put it out there...

...since working out with my trainer jonny chai, i've lost 16 pounds!!!


i'm not one of those girls who always complains about things in effort to get some kind of a compliment out of it.  that's just not how i roll.  but like all women, i do have those areas i wanted to work on, and since dating pat i had gained about 20 lbs.  in fact to be completely transparent, i started at 128 and jumped to 148.  granted when we first met i was in the best shape of my life as i lived at home and worked out every single day.  but together, we are both self proclaimed foodies and we never held back when we cooked dinner or went out to eat.  we both realized it was time to make a change in our eating and exercise habits and we took this on with full motivation - and having a wedding in our future really helped to kick things in to high gear.  PS - having teeny tiny friends doesn't help my cause either, because i most definitely always feel like shrek compared to them, but i'm slowly getting over that :)

so for me, that's where jonny comes in.  i met him because i could always hear the weights clanging around underneath my apartment, as he has his gym set up on the bottom level of our building.  one day i finally got the courage up to go downstairs and ask him if he takes new clients - that was in february 2010, and i've been working out with him ~3x week ever since.  he is patient and shows you the right way to work out those problem areas.  when my hands wave hello my arms barely wave goodbye anymore!  and every day he has a different workout targeted to specific areas and to literally kick my a$$.

jonny had me keeping a food journal, which for me was good because if i was hesitant to write it in my journal, it probably meant i wasn't supposed to be eating it.  thus, the best part of this process has been the food knowledge he has instilled in me.  i never understood the power of protein or why it is so important.  nor did i understand why a bag of fritos and handful of hot tamales is so against the rules of losing weight.  he literally sat me down and with his dry-erase board, spent the end of multiple workout sessions teaching me how those foods affect my body and what the right and wrong choices are, and how to change my habits without feeling deprived.  what finally moved my 10 lb loss to 16 was eating right!  if you're interested, my eating plan is below.  i do have 1-2 cheat meals a week but i maintain the plan during the week and i really stick to it.  that's when you suddenly see those last pounds you've been working to get rid of start to disappear.

the rules - if it's not on this list, you can't eat it:

Eggs (1 whole, 2 whites)
Greek yogurt (nonfat)
Cottage cheese
Almonds (raw) – small serving
Chicken breast
All veggies
Apples, oranges, all berries
Rice – small serving
Old fashioned oats
No milk
Sweet potatoes (small serving)
Only calorie free drinks (no milk)
All spices are OK
Extra virgin olive oil (not heated)
No vegetable oils

the most important thing to me is that i don't feel like i'm doing some kind of crash diet - to me, it's more of a life change that i feel like i can really keep going. 

16 lbs down, 7 lbs to go...


  1. Sounds great! Congrats on doing so well! I know how rewarding that feels.. I've been eating right and working out on a regular basis and I feel great too! :)

  2. That's awesome. I know...when you meet someone and begin dating it's so easy to put on pounds. You eat out, you cook, and it's like all bets are off! Johnny sounds awesome. That's great that he's right under your apt and so convenient. You'll have those last 7 lbs gone in no time!!

  3. I'm so proud of you J! Seeing the transformation you've made, not only physical but also mental, really makes me love what I do :)And as I've promised, the video of you is in the making, be on the lookout everyone :)

  4. Love it! One question though, why can't you heat the extra virgin olive oil?

  5. great job!! I have tried to be really conscious about what I have been eating. I try to not eat anything that has more than five ingredients, no high fructose corn syrup, and if I can't pronounce it, it doesn't go into my body.

  6. oh awesome! I have to say I'm jealous. My wedding dress fits to a T and I just don't want to worry about losing weight now. And I understand bout having friends smaller than you!!

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  8. You go girl! That is just awesome! Best of luck the rest of the way!
    Oh and PS, you're gorgeous how could you ever feel like Shrek???YOU ARE FABULOUS...own it!!!

  9. WOW! That's really incredible!! Good for you!

    You lost me at no milk and calorie-free drinks though (I can have a glass of wine or 2 but if I stop drinking 100% people will think I'm pregs). Is FF Soymilk ok?

  10. @Lindsay
    Everyone has heard that Extra v olive oil is a healthy food to eat, reason being is because it's so high in monounsaturated fat, which is great for you. However what most people don't realize is that these fats are "delicate", which means that they get damaged at high temps. By cooking with with the oil, you damage the good fats, which is why you're eating it in the first place. At that point it just becomes extra calories

  11. @Dancy
    Soy is probly the last thing you want to consume. I'm not sure how soy got labeled as such a healthy food, or if people just started using it more because of lactose intolerance. However, Soy has negative effects on your hormones, not good for fat loss. And the sugar content of soy is just as high if not higher than regular milk, accompanied by less protein than regular milk, which makes it out of the question in my opinion :) Try using unsweetened almond milk. It has almost no calories, no sugar, and almost no fat, with the same consistency of milk. My wife uses it in her lattes

  12. @Dancy - in follow-up to Jonny's comment, i have to say that giving up milk was nearly impossible for me. same with my nightly glass of wine. but once you get used to it, i still have a glass of wine every once in a while and i don't really hold back on the weekends. it still works and all the sudden your body just starts getting used to it. it sounds tough and it is, but remember, that's what your "off days" are for :)

  13. that is amazing! good for you!!! you've inspired me to get back on track with my dress diet (& necessary lifestyle change)it really is so true how you can so easily gain couple weight! do you have any caffeine restrictions? i've heard a lot of people say to cut back to 1 or 2 cups of coffee a day - eek!

  14. @ Jonny & Jacin - thanks for the info. I do use almond milk - mostly in oatmeal, it's awesome. I only use milk coffee & if I have some cereal (fiber1) at night but I do eat a lot of yogurt too - glad greek's on your list Jacin! I don't think I would last as a lactose intolerant. LOL ;)

  15. Could you give me examples of healthy snacks to eat during the day? Thanks

  16. @ jennifer - could you send me your email and i'll get back to you?

  17. @Jacin
    I sent you my email through your gmail account for this blog. I am trying to lose 20 lbs before my Sept. wedding and I am doing it all on my own! I wanted to hire a personal trainer, but wasn't in the budget! Thanks for your ideas!!! You look great!

  18. I'm in the process of making my own life changes too! Your success & advice is inspiring! Thank you so much for sharing! :)


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