Sunday, August 1, 2010

pretty stamps

just got back from an amazing weekend in truckee, ca (lake tahoe area).  we went to a friend's house and had so much fun and i am now SO relaxed and ready to take on the week.  among the many things, rafting on a lazy river (aka i bought a $9 kid's "boat" raft and our other friends had single tubes with cup holders and a separate raft just for a 30-pack, haha), having a late night dance party, and swimming in an alpine lake were definitely at the top of my list.  although i do complain about san francisco because the weather is *cough* less than ideal right now (and that's putting it nicely), i do have to keep in mind the region we live in is amazing.  3 hour drive to tahoe, 5 hour drive to LA, 1 hour drive to napa.  not too shabby.

anyways, now that i'm back i'm busy working on my next project - DIY menus and programs using embossed stamps on a pretty khaki/cement colored card stock.  you might remember my previous example below, that i made at the paper source stationery workshop about a month ago.
well, look at the card on the bottom right - mine won't be this dark but i loved the look of the silver embossed stamp over a darker paper stock.

now it's time to pick a stamp though - i've already purchased one (see the mum stamp on the pink envelope above), but i am still trying to figure out which will be best for what i'm working on.  here are a few options i liked (all photos from - these people should be paying me with the amount of props i've been giving them, haha!)

and although i don't need these ones, i wanted to include these too because they are so adorable!

hope everyone else had a great weekend!

stay tuned for a how-to post on embossing :)


  1. Very cute! Love the Happily Ever After :)

    Glad you had a nice weekend!

  2. Sounds like an awesome weekend! And those stamps are really cute. I've thought about embossing something so I'm looking forward to your post :)

  3. Sounds like the ideal place to live!

  4. love the little goose!

    ps. your tahoe pics are making me SO jealous!!!

  5. Those are really cute. The champagne glasses are super cute & I like the mum the best. The little celtic knot one is really nic too. There are no classes in NY. Wierd.

  6. the mum is my fav too, but there is something about that navy script-y one in the middle. i wish we had one of these in CT!

  7. I love the happily ever after one and the one green ivy-esque swirl... soo soo pretty! Looks like you had a wonderful weekend :-)

    Have you seen the acrylic stamps from Close to My Heart? I love that line too.

  8. they're all so cute - I'd just stick with the mums they're so pretty!


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