Thursday, August 5, 2010

saying no to a standard tradition

sorry, but no, we are not throwing the garter, nor are we throwing the bouquet.  call me debbie downer all you want but we're just not into it!

this kid is psyched!!  source

but although the garter will not be thrown in to hands of several drunken single men, i will still wear one for the mere sake of wearing one and i think they're kind of cute, and kind of mandatory.  and if you're still trying to guess my something blue, that's not it!  but i will reveal soon, i promise.

when searching for some pretty garters i came across these lovelies...

umm... can we say gorgeous??  source

obviously etsy :)  source


oohh vino!  source

love! no- seriously.  LOVE. source

another etsy find..  source

ok i'm seeing a trend here, as the last 2 were from the same designer... check out her etsy shop because otherwise i will just keep posting them all!!

so many pretty things, so little time...


  1. We're not doing either either, well we MIGHT do a bouquet toss but no garter. I am just too modest I think :)

  2. We didn't do bouquet or garter toss. I don't think we would have had enough singles and the garter thing seemed a bit too much for us. I still meant to wear a garter that day but never got around to getting one! I like your choices. They are for two sets of eyes only!!

  3. My mom is making mine. we picked out the material the other weekend. I think it will be absolutely wonderful!

  4. We're not tossing anything either but I want to wear a garter anyway. Love the ones you posted, especially the Florrie Mitton ones.

  5. im so happy im not the only one that isn't doing the garter...still thinking towards yes on the bouquet toss though. love the last etsy garter though!

  6. lol im not tossing the garter or the bouquet either! f it! lol but I AM wearing a garter too lol my hubby can still see it and enjoy it!

  7. The last garter is ah-mazing. Would totally match those Louboutin's. :)


  8. i love them! so pretty! we are not tossing anything... we went to a very classy wedding in may (before we were engaged) and i was SO thankful to the bride for not doing it. then and there I decided no need for me to Single out the "singles"

  9. We're not doing it either so to be honest, I kinda forgot about it. I'm pretty sure my Mom has one made from lace my Nana made as a surprise that I'm not supposed to know about. LOL

    Love the 1st one too - it would totally go with the Badgley shoes if I got them. Hmmm... ;)

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  11. Dude, love the peacock one, that's cute!

    I'm not wearing one, but there are definitely some out there that I look at and sigh. It's so weird because it's not like I've ever worn a garter before, so I don't know why I kind of want one. Oh well.

  12. We're not tossing the garter OR the bouquet either!

    I think I'm too modest for the garter toss... and those bouquets are too expensive to be thrown into the air...


    I love your blog!


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