Wednesday, August 25, 2010

weekend update

first off....  today we are officially 1 month away from the big day!!!  ahhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!

ok, back to the post...just got back from an amazing weekend.  i can't even put it in to words how amazing it was, but i will try.

as i mentioned, i have been home since thursday and i've been on Operation Get Stuff Done since then. 

so just a quick recap...

thursday afternoon i had my first official fitting with the shoes.  it was so fun to see the final package all pulled together and the shoes really look (and feel) perfect :).  i got to bring my 2 friends from work who won't be able to make it to the wedding, so it was fun to see their opinions.  sorry, i won't be sharing any pics until after the wedding!

at my fitting i also picked up a surprise project i've been working on but haven't mentioned yet.  although i am not wearing my mom's dress on the day of the wedding, i will be wearing her lace mantilla veil, which i am so excited about.  my grandmother made my mom's dress and it is very special, so i wanted to incorporate it somehow in to my wedding day... so, with my mom's blessing to "do my thing" with it, i brought it to my seamstress and she was able to alter it in to a shorter cocktail length dress, using all of the original fabric and body of my mother's dress.  i will wear my mother's dress to the rehearsal and rehearsal dinner instead!  before and after pics will come later this week, i promise :)

i had my hair trial thursday night, and sorry friends, i'm just not feeling it!  so...i am going to go back the thursday before the wedding to try one more style.  is that nuts?  i just want to feel 100% on the big day - and right now i am still really unsure about the overall look.  i want to go back and check out a hair down option.  after all, i've been growing my hair out since last year for this very reason.  so we'll see how it goes.

and then the crowning glory of my weekend took place saturday through monday - my bachelorette party!!  as we know, this was a surprise to me - i had NO idea what we were doing or where we were going.  and trust me - i tried to pry it out of everyone!  i will do a separate post on the bach party this week but i can tell you now that the surprise location was... ogunquit, maine!  i would have never guessed this!  it was a perfect, beachy, laid back-during-the-day-and-dance-party-going-out-fun-times-at-night, amazing girls weekend and i loved every second.

more to come this week!!


  1. aww thats so exciting about your bachelorette party! cant wait to see pictures! :) girl if i dont like my hair and the way it looks you KNOW i am going back! you wanna feel the BEST on that day so go with your gut! lol cant wait to see how everything turns out!! only 30 days!!

  2. Can't wait to see your bachelorette party photos! Did you have to use the tweezers? :)

  3. Your hair would look really lovely down!!! I month will feel like 1 week!! You are almost there.

  4. Maine? COOL! Lookin' forward to seeing more of that! I think it's so great the things you're doing with your mother's dress - the something blue, the veil, the rehearsal - wonderful ideas.

    Oh & don't worry about the 2nd hair trial - I had 2 too.

  5. one month!! that's amazing! it will be a whirlwind of good times! :-)

  6. one month? I'm so jealous! Mine is over a little less than a year away and it feels like an eternity. Love your blog btw :) feel free to check out mine sometime:

    Oh, and your hairstyle is gorgeous! Don't fret if that is the option you end up going with.


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