Monday, September 13, 2010

bridesmaid shoes

we all know my ridiculous obsession with shoes.  i have at least 7 posts about it.  it really makes no sense, because in "real life" (life before wedding planning), i have never cared about them as much as i do now!

i didn't want to ask my girls to wear matching shoes, so i just asked them to agree on a color and go with that.  but when my cousin breanne (one of my bridesmaids) showed me these gems from DSW, i loved them and if you can believe it, so did the girls!  and at $39.95 (on sale from $79!), they are a steal!  when i was going through the decision process for my own shoes, i literally almost went with these too.  they are so adorable!


i think they go right in with the overall theme and most importantly i'm really excited that the girls like them too!!


  1. I love DSW! I actually bought a pair of shoes from there on Friday...I have to return 'em 'cause they don't fit right blah blah. But anyhow...those shoes are super cute. And yes, their prices are the best.

  2. oh wow these are so fabulous! i still haven't picked for my girls yet either - didn't even realize DSW is online (i know, where have i been?!) what a great pick! :)

  3. I think they are adorable! Great bargain!

  4. ooh your wedding day is so close. good luck. stop by sometimes on my site

  5. Ha, is it hard to believe I did the same thing:)I told the girls what color I would prefer and they could get what they wanted.

    And those are stunning shoes..I could see why they fell in love!!

  6. I got my wedding shoes from DSW! I'm tall so I had to find heels that were three inches or under, or be taller than Steve at the I knew I'd be doing a lot of traipsing around, so I wanted something comfy as well. I ended up getting a pair that had 2.5 inch heels, just pretty sparkly silver sandals, and adding some blue flower clips from Etsy to them to spice them up a bit. I LOVED them. They did give me one blister by the end of the night, but considering I wore them for about 12-13 hours and probably walked at least 3 miles in them (not to mention standing around in them at the ceremony and reception), I'm not complaining!


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