Sunday, September 19, 2010

a craaazy saturday night

HA!  yeah right!

somehow i came down with some kind of a bug - just a mild fever and overall body ache, sore throat and dry cough.  i think it might be wedding anxiety-itis?  either way, i was SO down for a do-nothing-at-all day today and hey, better today than next saturday, right?  so bring it on, cold, or whatever you are, because you're not gonna ruin my day!

the only minus was that we had to cancel a BBQ we had planned with our california friends today, something we planned with them as a pre-wedding party before we head back east this week.  but all in all i think it was meant to be (and our other friend hosted a party at his house instead so everyone was still able to get their party on).

so after lounging around all day i finally got antsy and realized - holy $%* - i haven't even touched the menus or programs yet!  hence this post :)

so i got back to work and finally finished up the menus and i gotta say, i think they look pretty good considering my delirious state, haha.

again i used the embossing heat gun and silver powder, and i used some fonts that i downloaded online.  if anyone wants any of the templates i've created so far, just send me a message!

and now for the pics to prove it!

all the versions i went through to get to the best one.  i kept bringing them to pat to see what he thought as he was trying to watch his movie :)
the little printer that could...15 down, 160 to go!
the finished product!
the lighting came out really weird on this one but this is just showing the up close detail of the pretty embossed silverware stamp with the silver embossing powder.  we'll finish doing those tomorrow because pat wants to do the heat gun :)

i'm glad i got it out of the way so i can just keep chugging away at that list... which is diminishing pretty quickly, i might add!

PS - again, sorry for the multiple posts a day, but i'm trying to document it all :)


  1. oh my god jacin these are amazing!!!! you did such a great job!!! gorgeous!!

  2. Oh, they came out so great!! I love 'em!! Can you believe its less than a week away:)

  3. I love your menus! I want to emboss something!

  4. the embossing looks *SO* pretty. i want to touch it.

  5. so pretty!! I *love* them!! they are gorgeous :-) the little silverware design is as precious as it is classy and chic.. Perfect!

  6. LOVEEE the menus! They came out great!

  7. They look great! The silver embossing is a great look.

  8. g'head with your bad self! You're getting LOADS of stuff done - good for you!! Can't wait to see it all!!


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