Tuesday, September 7, 2010

dancing around the apartment

is what i'm doing!  i finally figured out the song that my MOH and the 2 best men are going to walk out to at the reception.  yes, i am that musically detail-oriented.  but it's FUN!!!!!!!!  (and i'm getting so freaking excited it's out of control)

we chose a quick blip of a song for each of our peeps to walk out to.  an example - my cousin and brother live in boston, so they're walking out to "shipping up to boston" by dropkick murphys (the song from the departed).  that's the only clue i can give you, though, otherwise it will give it all away.

all these little secrets will be revealed during my honeymoon with strategically placed pre-made posts :)

but until then, i'll give you a little tune so you can dance around the apartment in excitement too :)  only a little over 2 weeks away..............!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. The music is really a big deal! I agonized quite a bit over ours as well. Cute idea to do individualized tunes.

  2. We didn't have time to do individualized tunes, but that's a great idea if you have a bigger bridal party! We knew from the beginning that we would be using all Beatles music...once we finally sat down and listened to songs/looked up lyrics it was surprisingly easy to choose the four that we used (one for seating our mothers, one for my bridesmaids, one for me, and one for the recessional)

  3. @ CT Yankee - wow that's great! we actually chose the songs for the reception, not the ceremony, but i love the idea of that for the ceremony too! but, my church is very strict so they won't let me play any tunes like that! :(

  4. Wooohoooo you are getting close! btw it's great!!!

  5. You should see me in my car when this song comes on...I bet people think I'm totally crazy because I jam it out!!! Oooh 11 days to go...the countdown is on!


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