Friday, September 10, 2010

when DIY becomes HSEDIFY

translation = Do It Yourself becomes Have Someone Else Do It For You :)

you might remember my post on favors.  pretty ideas, right?  but let me remind you that i live across the country from my wedding location.  wah wah wah - no i'm not being debbie downer but i am starting to get practical at this point!  after my nice little poll, the salt jars won at 50%.  but, as i was googling "jars in bulk" and finding the perfect salt (in bulk), and looking up salt recipes, and looking for kraft tags to put a special story about the salt, and purchasing some pretty baker's twine to tie around the lids, it all started to get overwhelming.  really overwhelming!  should i get everyone a salt jar?  what about couples?  they'd go home with 2?  maybe i should choose 2 favors?  should i ship the jars home, or to san francisco then ship the completed favors back east for the wedding?  my cousin offered to help.  my maid of honor offered to help.  but the stubborn i-want-to-do-at-least-something-myself in me still wasn't ready to surrender the project to put in someone else's lap.

so you can see, it became a mental turmoil for me.  hey - i have 15 days left, give me a break, ok?  i'm still actually pretty sane, all things considered!  :)  and then a miracle happened...

i was talking to one of my favorite blogger ladies -who has now become a friend-, erin from sparkle & hay (check out her blog, it's amazing!), about how stressful these frickin jars were becoming.  in the same conversation, she mentioned how after her friend's wedding this past weekend, she decided to ditch her own DIY favor idea as well, because she saw how crazy it made her friend with just 2 weeks left!  and she introduced me to the greatest idea ever.  

it's sweet. it's salty.  it's pretty much exactly what i'd been looking for, but i had just been looking in the wrong places!  let me introduce you to:

Ingredients: Sweetened condensed milk, unsalted butter, corn syrup, brown sugar, organic vanilla & Fleur de Sel salt source

they are the perfect solution to my dilemma and i am SO excited!!  as soon as erin showed me her idea i quickly asked, do you mind if i favor-copy you?  :)  and after her enthusiastic approval i quickly hopped on etsy and contacted nicole, the shop's owner, and put in an order.  and simple as that, my favors were complete.  and the best part?  i can still have the sentimental salt aspect incorporated in to my favor - mimi would be very happy :)

thank you erin for the idea, and thank you nicole for coming to the rescue and helping me out at the last minute!!

need favors or a sweet, savory & salty treat?  contact nicole at her etsy shop for more information!


  1. Yum! Those look and sound great! Very exciting only 15 days left! Wow! :)

  2. Look yummy. Where do I get caught up on why salt is so important?

  3. Oh those look delicious!! What a perfect idea.

  4. Cool! That will save you a heck of a lot of trouble. They look yummy too!

  5. They look so yummy so I think this is the perfect solution! I'm all about HSEDIFY when you're this far in the planning and running out of time :)

  6. Great idea to ditch the DIY! I was up until midnight baking cookies two days before my wedding, and that was only making half of what was needed!

  7. such a great solution!!

    it's so soon!!! yay!!

  8. Awesome!! Thats so great that you found these and that Erin helped you with the idea...thats why blogging is so great for brides and anyone!! These look so great! Wow 15 days!! I love that they still have the salt idea and also have the candy/food idea for you!

  9. this looks so mouthwatering! now i want to try it so bad :)

  10. Salted caramels? Can I please come to your wedding? Yum! :)


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