Thursday, September 30, 2010

the dress - revealed!

currently i am sitting on a beach, hopefully with a delicious drink in hand, and my new husband by my side.  here is one of my pre-planned posts to give you some behind the scenes info that i couldn't reveal before the big day.

so - we all know i've busted my a$$ to get in shape for the big day.  in fact, as i write this, 10 days before the wedding, i am SO craving a thin crust pizza right now... but instead i had 2 scrambled egg whites and a chopped salad with cucumbers, garlic, red bell peppers and red onion with some sea salt and red wine vinegar.  oh - and jackpot!  i made sugar free jello for some "dessert".  not too bad.

anyways, here are some pictures to take you through my journey to a wedding dress.

you might remember, i was supposed to go to kleinfeld in new york city (home of say yes to the dress) - twice.  and twice, i was snowed out!  like - 3' of snow - snowed out!  i took this as a sign that it was just not meant to be!  

but... kleinfeld or not, the most important thing to me in this process was being able to do at least my first dress fitting with my mom, and bonus! my brother was able to come too!  so we set off to a bridal boutique in connecticut when i was home for the holidays last year, and the dress hunt began!

photo taken by my brother.  i liked this dress but wasn't convinced it was "the one" - it was the first time my mom had seen me in her veil so it was a special moment, right dress or not.
photo taken by my brother
while the dress was gorgeous, it just wasn't "the one".
after trying on dresses with my mom and brother, i felt at ease going back to CA and knowing i might have to try on dresses without them.  i was so happy they were able to be there for the first trip, and knew the reality of the distance between CA and CT, and had a feeling they probably wouldnt be there when i found the one.

so the hunt continued...

i went to priscilla of boston in san francisco (by myself, i might add), and found some gorgeous dresses.  it was a trunk show weekend, too, so the dresses were further discounted which really helped my cause.  my budget was pretty small and i didn't want to pay an arm and a leg for a designer dress!

this was the very moment i knew i had to get my butt in gear and get back in shape.  i felt so uncomfortable that i couldn't even really grasp the beauty of the dress!  i couldn't wait to get out of there.
and this was the very moment i knew i loved the lace overlay look - something i'd been envisioning all along.

so with a trip to priscilla of boston under my belt i felt that i'd seen plenty of dresses but was very uncomfortable with how out of shape i had become.  please don't read this as me saying "i was fat" - i played lacrosse all through college and have always been in somewhat good shape.  but when pat and i started dating i put on the "love pounds" and gained about 20 pounds!  now, more than ever, was the time to get my body back in shape!

then, it happened.  you might remember, i headed back east for a meeting in new jersey and i had plans to meet up with my friend sam back in my old stomping grounds in hoboken, new jersey.  "just for fun", we thought, hey, let's check out ally bridal, a custom-made bridal boutique where ally is the seamstress and works her magic to create all of her gowns.  sam purchased her gown there too, and so did many of my other friends.  the dresses are gorgeous and deserve to line the racks of kleinfeld and priscilla of boston - but they're also a fraction of the price and one of a kind!

so sam and i headed in after work and i tried on a dress.  then ally pulled another dress from the shelf and said, what about this one?  i hesitated at first, because it had a boat neck (very high neckline) and straps, and i had been looking for a strapless gown.  but with a few pins and within minutes, ally was able to change the neckline to the sweetheart i had been envisioning.  i tried it on and i finally got that feeling!  and sam assured me that my decision was a good one... after a text photo to my mom and maid of honor, i knew for sure, and paid for my dress right there on the spot.  so without further ado, the dress!

my favorite part about the dress.  a hidden swiss-dot lace that is ruched on the sides.  you can't even notice unless you look very closely :)
this was at my first fitting.  i was so happy to have my mom with me, and my maid of honor and 2 of my bridesmaids.
so there you have it, blogger friends :)  i have to admit, i was SO tempted to show this earlier, but i am glad i waited it out :)


  1. It's gorgeous!!! But to be honest, you looked gorgeous in the other dresses you tried on too :) I love the dress you chose. The lace is so pretty.

    I'm also waiting until after the wedding to reveal my dress on my blog. I planning to pre-write a post ahead of time as well.

  2. gorgeous dress!! you looked amazing in all of them but you really glow in this one =) great choice!

  3. Beautiful!! I've decided not to share photos of my dress with anyone as well.

  4. Congratulations on getting married! Woo hoo! :) I can't wait to hear all about it!

    Your dress is absolutely gorgeous on you! I know you made such a beautiful bride! :)

  5. YOu look amazing. I love the dress. The lace is gorgeous. I kind of wish i went with a lace dress as well. Stunning stunning stunning. Great Choice!!!

    How awesome is it that your brother went with you the first time!!!!

  6. Jacin, the dress is stunning on you! Great choice!! My dress is a Priscilla of Boston and I LOVED the one that you tried on with the lace overlay...that isn't the one I picked..but I loved it!! :-)

  7. Beautiful!! That's great that she was able to make the neckline just how you wanted it. All the details are great!

  8. SO lovely!! i loved you in the first dress too!!

    i hope you're having such an amazing time! i've been stalking the scobey blog every day :)

  9. Beautiful dress! And I know the feeling about wanting to get in shape... I just didn't. I always heard be the best at your wedding b/c those photos will ALWAYS be around.

  10. Love it! Can't wait for you to get back & give us all the details! :)

  11. Beautiful dress! I'm sure you looked lovely on your wedding day :)

  12. Glad you found the "right" one. It's funny how when it's right it's right and you just know.

  13. it is the perfect dress! i love it on you. can't wait to see more pictures of you rocking it!

  14. You looked beautiful in all the dresses :) But I can TOTALLY see why you chose the last one!

  15. I love all the dresses but I def have to say you knew the "one" because it looks amazing on you!! It looks perfect on you and you look stunning in it. Congrats! Cant wait to see Wedding Day photos! Hope you are enjoying the honeymoon!

  16. seriously... how amazingly stunning are you?! happy 1 week wedding anniversary!! :)

  17. Hope your Honeymoon is going fabulously well - - Your dress fits you perfect, to a T. The sweetheart neckline, the cinching at the natural waste...everything about it perfection! YAY - can't wait to see more of your special day as well as learn about the Honeymoon =)


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