Tuesday, September 21, 2010

dressing up the flower girls

i think i mentioned this back in the day but i'm not sure if i ever touched on the actual details.

although we are having an adult reception, we will be having flower girls in our ceremony and are excited to include pat's nieces, hannah, riley and lily (how cute are those names??).  they will carry kissing balls (seriously?!  who came up with this name?  let's just go with pomanders) and will wear these cute little numbers:
these were from wonderfuldress.com and were originally $98 but on sale for $48!  they are too cute

and then we found these cute little shoes to match from target, and at only ~$12, they were a great deal!

of course even though we have our flower girl dresses all taken care of, that doesn't mean i can't keep looking!  below is another cute dress i found that could be cute for someone else :)

also available in white and a few other colors, how adorable are those flowers at the neckline?  and only $32!  www.wonderfuldresscom

PS - don't forget to contact me if you're interested in doing a guest post :)


  1. I really wanted flower girls in my wedding as well, but I don't have any nieces or nephews or even cousins young enough to carry out that duty. They will look adorable!!

  2. Very cute dresses and little shoes!

    Our flower girl will be in an all white, cotton dress with maybe a touch of blue in a sash or hair clip/headband.

  3. CUTE!!! My flower girl was much older so she dressed in a younger version of my bridesmaids dress.

    I love your choice!

  4. Those dresses are so sweet! Wouldn't you know, I'll have a flower girl called Lilly too! It's fate. Our girls will be a bit older (11/12ish), so I'm treating them more like Junior Bridesmaids. :)

    @Marian: Would you like to borrow some of my cousins? I have plenty. :P

  5. Such sweet dresses! Great prices too.

  6. cute dresses! Not a bad price either! It upset me looking for ours that they wanted $150+ for flower girl dresses, give me a break! I wound up getting ours at Sears and my mom did some alterations to it :) dress/shoes = <$50

  7. SOO cute! I think I'll always regret not having a flowergirl. We had too many to choose from so we chose not to choose. Make sense? LOL

    They're going to look fantastic!!

    5 days lady!!!!! :)

  8. Very cute!! Just curious, how did you word it on your invitation that you wanted an all adult reception? We are thinking of doing the same thing but I am wrestling over the correct wordage on the invitation without offending anyone.

  9. @ erin - send me a message and I'll tell you alll about it :)

  10. good for you for going for a super cute but technically "non traditional" flower girl dress! my niece's flowergirl dress for our wedding was $40-something at Dillard's (department store) and she looked too adorable for words.

  11. We are doing an adult wedding too with my young brothers and pseudo sisters as ring bearers and flower girls, what are you doing to keep the flower girls occupied??


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