Thursday, September 16, 2010

the emotional basketcase trap

hey dancy-  this one's right back atcha :)

to a normal person, this may look like a normal card section at CVS.  but to a bride-to-be with a week to go, it's an emotional basketcase trap.  

you know what those are, right?  they sneak up on you and all the sudden you're a wreck.  you might hear a cute little innocent song on the radio and - it's over, you lost it. or, oh, look at the cute little puppy dog - that reminds you of your childhood pet? - you lose it.  emotional basketcase traps can come in many forms so be careful.  oh and most importantly - do. not. go. on. youtube.  there's too many risks on there - surprise proposal videos, wedding compilation videos... even funny videos seem sentimental.

so today i wasn't cautious and i fell right in the trap.  my train of thought went like this: reading a sentimental wedding card that i thought could be a contender for pat on the big day (choking up), seeing a pair of halloween socks that reminded me of my beloved mimi (getting a little worse), remembering/realizing that she won't be there for the wedding (hiccup), looking up to stop tearing up at CVS -ha!-, texting my cousin to tell her what just happened and having her respond with "oh great, now you're going to make me cry!" -ha!- and then having a huge anxiety fit.  and then realizing oh my god - i need to get out of here!  haha!  sound familiar?

i promise, i am not always like this!  although i am a sentimental type, it usually takes more than just a glance at something to get me going.  but now, in this state of mind?  fugghedabowdit! 

hopefully i'm not the only one going through this!

ps - bear with me as i will be posting a few times a day straight through the wedding (even on the weekend) because i have SO much going on and so many things to tell you!  so stay tuned for a blogger overload in the next week :)


  1. bride blogger basket case! It's OK! It happens to the best of us.

  2. wow.. just saw this post.. i am not alone :-) hang in there... i cannot wait to see pics from your wedding.. your photog looks amazing!! deep breaths!

  3. I'm nervous to go pick put cards for that exact reason:)

  4. lol you're so funny... I am 8 months away and I'm already an emotional basketcase! :)

  5. HAHA... yep I was that way too! or mine was thinking about my daddy walking me down the aisle! I teared up right before the ceremony and then must have nervously laughed through the entire rest of the ceremony b/c it's on video I laughed my butt off.

  6. Holy $h!+ you have no idea I was just writing a post about this. I thought about you on the way home yesterday... You're TOTALLY me like 2 weeks ago. I swear there's a light at the end of the tunnel - hang in there.

    *off to finish my post*

  7. I know how you're feeling...Celine Dion was on TV the other day...her old concert from Vegas and I just started crying! Theres been a lot going on lately and it was the tip of the ice berg! I heard her song and started crying and it wasnt even one of her songs that I knew very well.

    Could you see our guys doing this! Hang in there're going to be crying a lot...esp on your wedding day...but its a good cry!

    I was a mess when I first saw my dad in his tux...theres ugly crying pics to prove it!


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