Thursday, September 16, 2010

guest blogger trainer jonny chai - tips to achieving your fitness goals!

everyone's heard me rave about my trainer.  and guess what!?  today i have reached the 20 lb weight loss mark and i'm 2 lbs away from my goal!  but at this point i'm so proud of all the hard work i've put in to this that i don't even care about the last 2 lbs - i feel good and healthy and that's the most important part.  like jonny says - the numbers don't matter.

so without further ado, here is jonny's first guest blog post - hopefully he will continue to motivate and inspire others to reach their goals too!

The following which I'm about to share with you is what I've found to be the real key to body transformation. No matter what the goal is, whether it be lose a few dress sizes, put on some muscle, flatten your stomach, etc., the success of reaching these goals always depends on this one key piece. It's not a special program, diet, or any miracle product you might see on a late night infomercial. Ready for it? It's your MINDSET. That's right, it's when you consciously make a decision to "make it happen" that you really start hitting your goals. I like to call this being in "the zone". Now I know some of you are thinking that sounds way too over simplistic, and you can't just "think" yourself thin. And your right, it doesn't work that way. But every step you take that brings you closer to your goal, or pushes you back, is made with a conscious decision. What you order on the menu, whether or not you skip your workouts, how late you stay out on saturday night, do you get that pizza slice after hours like everyone else, etc. When you're in the zone, you're gonna make good decisions, which add up to you hitting your goals. So how do you get in the zone? Here are 5 steps to get you there.
  1. Write out your goal in clear detail, ingrain it into your mind. You have to know what it looks live, have a vision of yourself looking, feeling, etc. 
  2. Get a workout plan. If you don't know how to maximize your time in the gym, find someone who does and seek their help.
  3. Get a nutrition plan. Again, if you don't know how to maximize what your eating to reach your goals, find someone who does 
  4. Give yourself a deadline. If you don't have a deadline, you'll find yourself making poor deciscions, convincing yourself you'll "get back on the wagon tomorrow". It's easier to make good decisions when you know you have to be in a swimsuit with all your friends in 3 weeks.
  5. Get a support group. The best way to do this is to get a workout partner. Those of you who think you work out better on your own, stop bullshitting yourself (ha!). If you have a slacker for a partner, get a new partner. It's important to have others to keep you accountable, that you can gauge yourself and your progress, and that you both can feed off of each others encouragement and energy. I've found this to be the most important key of all. Being around people who are working toward similar goals, and want you to succeed. Makes all the difference in the world.
Now understand that the workouts and nutrition plans can vary and change along the way. The important thing is that you are focused on making the right decisions to get you to where you want, and everything else falls into place. You should be able to set up these 5 steps in a day, and be on your way to the body you want :)


  1. thanks for the tips!!! my only problem is i hv no partner. sigh.

  2. oddly enough, I agree with the motivation and mindset part of it! It's that way with anything!

  3. Jacin 20 lbs! That is awesome. I have to agree with mindset. If you don't have that right you will not get anywhere with your goals. Clearly I know...since I have that problem.

  4. GOOD JOB!!!! Those last 2 lbs will just fall right off :) It's water weight!! Can't wait to see your beautiful wedding pics :)

  5. great job J!!! And a note about training partners, it's not that they make or break your success, they're just a great way to take your workouts to the next level :) Once you have the right mindset, you'll get where you want to go

  6. wooooooooohoooooooo!! i need to implement all of the above in my life immediately if not sooner! great post & CONGRATS on your success... hard work pays off!! :)


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