Thursday, September 2, 2010

our song

**DISCLAIMER: if you're coming to the wedding and don't want to hear our song until then, don't scroll down :**

pat and i have known what our song would be for a long time, but before we got to that point, we did consider a few "runners-up".

before i was engaged, i was always convinced that either "to make you feel my love" by garth brooks or "my best friend" by tim mcgraw were going to be my wedding song.  but that was before i had another half, and was able to find meaning within the song to be relevant to "us" instead of "me".

one song we both love is "kingdom of days" by bruce springsteen.  no, seriously.  i know i'm obsessed with bruuuuce but this song is amazing (and so is the video!!).  listen to it! (sorry about the stupid advertisement, not sure how to get rid of it)

then there's "this year's love" by david gray.  i mean come on, the song is amazing.  but then you listen to the words and he says "this year's love,  better last" - better last?!  couldn't he have said "is gonna last?"  once i learned what the words were, i couldn't shake it.  so we kept looking.

pat really liked "you and me" by dave matthews, but this was after we had already decided on our song.  so we're going to use this for the cake cutting ceremony.  it's an amazing song and DMB reminds me of carefree summers and happy memories, so this will be another happy memory to add to the list for this song :)

so, we decided on "stay with you" by john legend.  i loove john legend.  he is one of my favorites.  but this is a song that we both kind of looked at each other and said, hey, that's it!

without further ado, our wedding song :)  (please ignore the corny format the song is in, i couldn't find it anywhere on the internet where the words aren't scrawled across it)


  1. ooooooooh I love it!!! That is too funny because we were considering a david gray song AND I was trying to convince Dan of Dave's You & Me too! I think you picked a perfect song - so happy you shared with us! :)

  2. I love it!! We also love You & Me by DMB But decided to go with "Steady as we go" by them instead. Love your choice, too!

  3. To Make You Feel My Love i think is a bob dylan song, and it has been recorded by oodles of people. Have you heard the Adele version? It makes me swoon.

    LOVE the idea of using DMB for cake cutting ... i love so many DMB Songs, but they are HARD to slow dance to. You and ME is AWESOME.

    And, of course, the song that you did choose to be your song is great!


  4. Very pretty song! Also, good choice for the cake cutting song! We forgot to pick a song for that, and ended up with something generic. Oops.

  5. that song is an awesome choice! I love it :-)

  6. I LOVE John Legend. I've been to one of his concerts and his voice is amazing. Love this song too. Great choice!

  7. I love, love, LOVE the David Gray song!

  8. @ jasmine - me too! it was going to be our wedding song all along! but, then i looked up the lyrics and it says "This years love had better last" - i just didn't like that!

  9. what a sweet song :) all of them are great but you're right, when you know you know! we were together for almost 8 months before we had a song that was "ours"...I had kind of quit thinking about it and then BAM! there it was (it's "got to get you into my life" by the Beatles, btw)

  10. I really wondered how I missed this post, then I saw the date :)


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