Sunday, September 19, 2010

post #3 on a sunday - table numbers completed!

(or should i call this - how to make table numbers in 10 minutes or less)

well i guess you could say i liked those first little table numbers so much that i just had to do them myself :)  i totally made this process up but it seemed to work, so i will share it with you.

we have a bag FULL of corks from wines that we've consumed - i was saving them for a bulletin board or something but this project seemed like a good reason to use some of them as well.

first i went to paper source this afternoon after getting a nice little mani and pedi for a little pick-me-up, and picked up some flat cards on sale - $2 for a packet of 25 cards (3.5" x 4.785" size)!  

next, i got to work on my computer, deciding which fonts looked best and how to lay them out.  i didn't really have a plan but played around with them until i made a template that we liked.  previously, pat and i spent some time one evening thinking of 16 different favorite places, because we knew we wanted to incorporate those places in to the cards somehow.

then, once the layout was determined, i printed a few test pages to see how i had to layout the paper in the feeder tray (what have i become that i know this lingo?).  i can't believe my printer let me print on such a small piece of paper without making me pull an office space move on it and slamming it with a baseball bat :)

next up i went to my bag of corks and selected 2 that were the same size.

and then i took a thin nail and placed in the center of one cork...

and then worked the nail in to the center of the other cork so they would remain connected.  side note - when i bring these home i will take the light blue baker's twine and tie them around the center of the corks to hide the nail and keep them even more securely fastened. 

once this was completed, i took a bread knife (hey, i live in an apartment, it's the best i could find) and made a thin incision across the top of the two corks, about 2 cm deep.

the last thing to do was print out the cards.  i lined them up so they would be double-sided, and got to work with the printer, who was luckily cooperating with me :)

i did all numbers except table 13.  i just skipped that number all together :)

and last but not least, i put the card in to the thin incision on the top of the corks and, voila!, there you have it!!  the final product!!

it's amazing how quickly things start to come together when you only have 5 days to make it happen!  and i'm pretty darn proud of them too :)

And the final product (post-wedding update)

ps - thanks for all the advice re: to program or not to program.  thanks to you, i am NOT doing programs (although dancy did provide me with a beautiful template).  it's just one more thing to do, and will likely end up on the floor in the aisles on on the pews and then in the garbage. 


  1. They came out perfectly!! Love it

  2. Aw, they turned out so great! Love them! Great job girl!

  3. That's really awesome that you put these simple, yet classic table numbers together in so little time!! Brides every where are going to love this!

    PS you have 17 tables? WOW thats a lot of people...I think we had 8 tables?!

  4. They turned out great! Love the idea of using the corks vertically.

  5. I love how they came out! And I'm so impressed that you are blogging with so little time left. I have so many things to blog about but I'm struggling to find the time! :)

  6. My husband and I are wine fanatics!!! these are beyond perfect!

  7. you seriously did an AMAZING job....i must say your typeface selection is extremely nice...i forget, do you have a graphics background? you def. have a great eye!

  8. Super cute! And another thing you can do with them is buy a square picture frame (like a 5x5) and cut the wine corks in half and glue them to the cheap frame and make a hot pad for warm dishes on your table :)

  9. thanks guys!!!!

    @ kristina - nope, no graphic design background but i do like to play around with the fonts a bit!

  10. is this the point where one of us should ask you if you have a drinking problem?

    Look at all those corks!!!


    they turned out sooooo nice!!!


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