Saturday, September 18, 2010

a pretty perfume for a pretty day

remember i was talking about finding a new scent for the wedding day?  well i found it - and it is none of the ones i thought it might be.

a week or so ago, i went to macy's to wander around in their perfume department.  i was armed with the tips of how to go perfume shopping so i did my best to pretend i knew what i was doing, when the sales people wanted to spray every scent in my direction.

i went around and checked out the perfumes i was previously interested in, when a sales person found me and asked what i wanted.  floral, i said.  something pretty, light, and not overpowering.  and not "spicy" - is that a perfume term?  if not, i just made it up.  either way, the guy seemed to find the opposite of my description in every bottle he found so i continued on my merry way.  but i do think i impressed him when i asked for a jar of coffee beans, which are supposed to "cleanse your nasal palate", and helped eliminate the inevitable headache that usually arrives after sniffing 40 perfumes in 30 minutes :).

after making my way around, i narrowed it down to the following three:

chloe perfume for women

#3 l'imperatrice by dolce & gabbana
acqua di gioia by giorgio armani

i then came home and had a spray of each on my neck and both wrists, to see which one pat liked best.  i was leaning towards one but wanted to see what he said - after all, i wanted him to think i smell good on our wedding day!  without me telling him which one was my favorite, he actually picked the same scent i chose!  

and the winner is:

l'imperatrice by dolce and gabbana.  it's soft and floral but with a hint of musk as well.  the official description says: 3 L'Imperatrice is a confident, charismatic, boundary-shattering blend with a top of rhubarb, kiwi accord, and red currant; a heart of pink cyclamen, watermelon, and jasmine; and a base of musk, sandalwood, and grapefruit wood. 

oh and guess what.  i get to wear it one week from today!!


  1. I hate when those perfume people want to spray you...or those people in the mall that want to put hand lotion on you...NO THANK YOU!!

    Love that he picked the one you love. I need a new scent...I have this Paris Hilton that my mom gave me for Christmas...huge bottle too...its OK but I dont love it!

  2. 1 week...EEEEK! I bought some new perfume too. Flowerbomb by Viktor & Rolf. Actually, it was a birthday gift from my sister, but we had been out perfume shopping before then and I told her I was thinking about getting it for the wedding.

  3. I was so excited when my husband sent me a bottle of Burberry Brit Sheer on the morning of the wedding. I love it. It's so nice to have it to remind you of the day!

  4. I am a fan of floral and light scents as well. I also love Burberry and Flowervbomb.

  5. I LOVEEE this perfume! I wear it ALL THE TIME!! Good choice!

  6. You are even closer (now that I finally have time to catch up with weekend reads!) the time flies fast! Enjoy it!

  7. I did Vera Wang Princess now Ievey time I wear it i think of my wedding!!!

  8. YAAY! I wore VS "BODY" body spray - it's not as strong as the perfume and I wear it often. I wore it on one of our first dates & his [albeit drunken] reaction was "I just wanna smell you" LMAO!


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