Sunday, September 12, 2010

so... i'm gonna be out of commission for 13 days...

for the honeymoon (which is exactly 2 weeks from tomorrow (monday) i might add!!)

and i do have all of my secrets (bridal party gifts, special surprises for the big day, etc) lined up in pre-scheduled posts, but wanted to throw it out there to you, to see if anyone is interested in doing any guest blogging?

any and all topics are welcome!!  maybe it's your favorite component of planning, or your favorite part of the big day.  or, just something you did that makes you stand out from the pack?  or - gasp! - maybe it has nothing to do with weddings at all (brooke i'm talking to you!  a cute kid story!) or my favorite - just something pretty :)

if interested, send me a message!


  1. i would love to do a guest post!! how about something from the perspective of a wedding guest, since i'm not planning a wedding?

  2. I'd love to do a guest post... but only if you'd like :)

  3. I'd be happy to guest post! Bridal advice anyone? Let me know if you could use me.

  4. i'd love to do one too! let me know if you're interested...i've got a post scheduled in about 3 weeks about one of the controversial wedding issues--the dreaded "dollar dance" that might work for a guest post. email me at if you're interested and YAY your date is getting close!

  5. I have really enjoyed readying about your wedding and getting ideas for mine! I would love to do one!!


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