Monday, September 6, 2010

tissue paper pom poms - CHECK!!

I love them.  They're soft and fluffy and pretty.  And now that we're getting down to the wire, I am realizing that I really need to get going and order this stuff if I plan on having it in time for the big day!

I went through my new favorite website, etsy, and ordered from a vendor who my cousin used for her wedding, prosttothehost.  Because i've already seen her work it didn't take any convincing to buy through her rather than someone else. 

We're going with light pink, pink and hot pink (the top 2 and 2nd to last from the bottom - all images are (c) prosttothehost.)

And here's what the final products will look like.

I ordered 40 - here's what the description said on her site:
Kit of 40 contains tissue poms
12 large tissue poms: 18"
28 medium tissue poms: 12-14"

All are tied with wire and has a loop for easy hanging. Monofilament is included for hanging

A step-by-step guide to fluffing your puffs will accompany each package. Please send me a message if you want priority and your time deadline. We can work something out.

You can order as many colors as you want!

Once you are done with the tissue poms, you can "defluff" them and reuse them for a future party or recycle them. They are 100% made of recycled content! Yay for being green and gorgeous.

Can't wait - now, who wants to come over for a pom pom fluffing party on the 24th?  Will provide wine! :)


  1. I LOVE those! I might just have to order some myself haha.

  2. LOVE!!! I'm all over the 24th if you need me! :)

  3. Love them! We ordered pre-made ones too... saves so much time/stress!

  4. I love tissue poms!! You need to put up pictures of the finished products!


  5. They're so pretty! If I were using these, I'd probably buy them pre-made too.

  6. My bridesmaid is obsessed with these at the moment for her engagement party, she is making like 100 for the backyard!

  7. i've been looking for these and had recently giving up because i was like eh they'll be to much money and i do not have the tlent to make them lol


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