Thursday, September 16, 2010

we can dance if we want to

we can leave your friends behind.  'Cause your friends don't dance and if they don't dance, Well they're no friends of mine...

sorry - got a little carried away there with the safety dance.

speaking of which - pat and i took dance lessons tonight.  one lesson is all it took, folks.  we had to bring a CD of our first dance song, which we really haven't listened to together for quite a while.  to all the sudden be learning the moves and acting out the first dance was a bit emotional for me.  it all just seems like it's coming so quickly now and i wasn't expecting to react that way, but i did!  but don't worry, no one noticed.

ready with my dancing converse sneakers on.

filling out the paperwork

we were taught by a tiny russian dance instructor who's name i didn't even catch.  her office was lined with dancing with the stars photos and i think she has been on a previous season, which was pretty cool.

so without any time to really mentally prepare she led us in to a room that already had 2 kids practicing ballroom dancing and this teenage girl doing these crazy dance moves i've never seen.  talk about intimidating - they wanted us to practice here?  and now?  in front of these people?  but the other people in the room didn't even pay attention to us, even with our john legend blasting the entire time, on repeat.

russian instructor with no name (RIWNN) proceeded to walk us through the basics and introduced us to 5 "moves".  we practiced for about an hour, "perfecting" each move and going through our "routine", and then RIWNN proceeded to videotape our final practice run with pat's blackberry.  sorry folks, that will not be going up :)

it was actually very good for us to learn the basics but i gotta say - as we were walking out of there and back to the car we looked at each other and agreed that half the "moves" probably wouldn't make it to the first dance.  but it was a fun experience, anyways, and definitely worth our time.  plus, it was really cute to see how concentrated pat was on learning the moves, and when we looked at each other as we were dancing we both shared a look and smile that really made us feel like this. is. really. happening!


  1. eeek! I want to cry reading this! so cute Jace!

  2. I'm thinking Liam and I should have taken dance lessons as well. We may be a mess out there:)

    And the countdown is now in the single digits...eekss

  3. Awe I'm jealous! I love dancing. I took ballet for years! Taking ballroom dance lessons would be fun, even if one time but I'd probably be hooked!

  4. Sounds fun! Like you said, even if you don't use it you had the experience.

  5. Fun! MY MOH did a choreographed ballroom dance at their wedding last month and it made me wish for a moment that we had taken lessons. I'm sure your dance will be great!

  6. If you guys do some serious dancing - you know you better post video of it after too! We wanna see! :)

  7. How fun! I reallly wanted to do this, but K said nooo way. He's not a fan of dancing!

  8. what fun! this is something i wish the hubby and i did. we wanted to and then time just flew and it never happened!


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