Thursday, September 9, 2010

when inspiration becomes overwhelming...

...and you almost wish the pretty images would just stop coming!

i picked out the bridesmaid dresses from lulakate with the girls and tried to chose a color that would look nice on everyone and go along with our theme.  then the girls went to town picking their own design (lula kate has tons of different designs to choose from, all in the same color that you may want), so everyone will have one that looks good on them and that they actually like.  i didn't want them wearing something they would hate, or feel fugly in, especially at how expensive these things can get.

but every day i hop on my google reader and look at the latest pics from other people's weddings and see all the other ideas out there, and just the other day i came across this:


sorry half the photos got cut in half, but you can just click the image to see in full.   but what i'm trying to show you is the bridesmaid dresses anyways, so you don't really even need to expand.  can you believe how gorgeous those things are?  lace halter top with a gorgeous shantung (i think) bottom.  holy.  crap.  they are so pretty!!!  (from watters)

i still love the dresses we ended up choosing (see the gems below), and i hope my ladies do too, but it's so hard not to think twice sometimes when all these other pretty images keep popping up :) 

MOH will be wearing the hot pink sash.  all the other girls will wear off-white :)
pretty in the sunshine next to my dad's bathing suit on the clothesline :)

PS - have i mentioned how excited i am??!?!??!


  1. Your dresses will be gorgeous on your girls! In only 15 days--yippee!

  2. Don't second guess yourself! Just think...another bride might look at your pics and think how gorgeous yours are and feel the same way. I think your dresses are unique and pretty.

  3. I know exactly how you feel, because I often feel that way when looking at all the amazing stuff you've chosen!! It goes both ways you know ;)

  4. i think your BM dresses are absolutely gorgeous! LOVE them!

  5. I adore wedding blogs. I am 100% an addict lol. I can just imagine how excited you are. I remember when I was planning, I could not think about anything else. I am sure your girls will look GORGEOUS. I chose rd wine colored dresses for my girls nd the color looked stunning on everyone.

  6. my Wedding Wednesday post was about this precise wedding. aren't those dresses so simple, yet so stunning?

  7. I'm behind, sorry, but gorgeous colors!

  8. i'm the same way--my bridesmaids have started purchasing their dresses (they are from j. crew) and i keep seeing other dresses and of course i'm like 'oh i just LOVE those..maybe they should wear those instead..'

    ugh, i'm terrible. sometimes i need to stop reading wedding blogs (but im not going to..ha!)


  9. I agree with the others who said don't second-guess yourself! There were lots of little details that I loved from wedding blogs and whatnot, but I didn't have the budget for most of them so I did what I both wanted and could afford...and in the end, I wouldn't change one thing about our day!

  10. Great minds girlie -- I saw those Watters dresses a while ago and loved them too. I have a thing for lace overlay too. BUT no lie - I thought I'd save it for myself. I plan on buying one for myself to wear to another wedding. LOL

    Your dresses are GORG. and your ladies love em. :)

  11. Love the bm dresses that you chose! That color blue is beautiful and I like the addition of the sash. Thanks for visiting my blog!


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