Friday, October 22, 2010

from inspiration to reality

i am so honored to be doing a post for erin over at sparkle & hay while she's on hiatus for her wedding, and i decided to put it up on mine today as well :).  it's been so much fun getting to know her throughout this whole process and it's so funny to say it but i feel we've become friends throughout it all!  and the best part is, we got to know each other through a blog competition through, and i am so glad it brought us together (although i'm sure we would have found each other sooner than later anyways, as we are both from the same area of connecticut and even used some of the same wedding vendors!)  congrats to you erin and i can't wait to see all the little details come together, as we all know they will.  it's going to be gorgeous and YOU, little lady, will be the most beautiful bride :)

so now down to my guest post!  so exciting :)

when erin first asked me i thought - wow - a post for sparkle & hay?  talk about pressure!  but i am happy to oblige! 

when i was planning my own wedding which took place almost a month ago, wow, i had SO many ideas in my head.  and with so much inspiration floating around from all the other bloggers out there and on the web and in the magazines and, and, and... it just got so overwhelming!  i had to put a stop to the madness and sit down to collect my thoughts in to one place, which is how i ended up creating an inspiration board.  for those who haven't yet done this, the inspiration board is just that - a place to take all of those pictures you've been saving, all of those ideas you've had, and tie them together in one place.  it helps you to determine your color scheme, your "little details" and really just helps you pull all of your ideas in to one place and really focus on a vision for your big day.  i created mine at but you can also make them on and even powerpoint is a great and easy method.

for my wedding, i came up with two - one for the overall theme and one for the flowers, because i was totally and completely obsessed with the flowers.  just ask my florist :)

new england shoreline wedding


as you can see, the blue canning jars and ranunculus played a huge part in both - i knew i wanted them involved somehow to keep my wedding rustic and beach chic, but elegant.

now the next thing i did was send the boards to my vendors (as appropriate).  this really helped give everyone (my photographer, venue manager and florist) an idea of my theme for the day, and made sure we were all on the same page.

fast forward to the wedding day, and taking those pieces and turning them in to reality.

i couldn't believe our venue pulled off the cake!  source
and the flowers?  spot on!  source
as for the shoes?  well, i promised my husband i'd wear them every day for the rest of my life in order to convince him that they were worth the purchase (that, or i promised i'd sell them on eBay after, hehe) :) source
for the overall color scheme we stuck with slate blue, khaki and pink - which to me gave a quintessential new england beachy feel :)  source
while we didn't end up doing the lanterns, we found the tissue paper puff balls to be just as pretty, in a light, fluffy way.  we hung them from the ceiling using light blue and white baker's twine.  (see more mason jars on the mantle!)
and the canning jars...  i could talk about these babies all day long.  this pic ties together all of my little DIY details that came together in the end  source
on top of all that, we used beach stones as our placecards, and had a gorgeous burlap runner on our guest table to showcase the pretty placecards, along with a nickel & nickel wine box for our cards and a great little vintage guestbook.

after all my rambling it really comes down to this - if you have a vision, no matter the budget, you can make it happen.  all it takes is a few pretty ideas and an inspiration board to get yourself going...

happy wedding erin!!

xo - jacin :)


  1. Your wedding was gorgeous Jacin! Dare I say it looks like it came out of a magazine that so man of us drool over!

  2. haha... maybe I should have had you plan mine! :)

  3. So, I just realized I commented on your inspiration board a million years ago on Weddingbee! How funny, I didn't put two and two together.

    You are so right, anyone can achieve their vision even on a tight budget. :D

  4. It just all looks so elegant but not over done. I love everything. Your inspiration board of your wedding pictures will def be new inspiration for other brides. Your cake looks amazing, your flowers, your dress, your bridesmaids, and the menu with the little cute!! :) CONGRATS AGAIN!

  5. You did such an amazing job bringing your inspiration to 'life'... your photographer captured every detail so well! Love all of your pictures!

  6. Your ideas were GREAT [especially the color scheme! The picture of you with the girls and their dresses is GREAT!] and it's so amazing and inspiring to see how great yours came out!

  7. Your wedding is absolutely gorgeous! Just stunning! And your shoes- amazing!

  8. Your wedding was absolutely gorgeous, girl! I'd love to feature it on the column I write for, Wedding Stories.

    Email me if you are interested!

  9. You had a beautiful wedding. I just love inspiration boards. They are also a great way to get a feel for how your colors all work together.

  10. As far as I could tell, everything went off just as planned. You were gorgeous as were your maids and Pat, cute as ever! We had a wonderful day into evening. My only complaint is that I cicn't get to eat my candy. Guess who asked so sweetly if he could it! Love ya, AB

  11. you have inspired SO many people with this - seriously - major round of applause! :)

    (and thanks again SO much for the guest post!!) xo


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