Friday, October 29, 2010

i don't know how to do the twitter

any tips? 

i'm slowly but surely converting... my facebook page is up too, check it out friends :)

but seriously - twitter tips accepted!  i'll even throw in an extra entry for you for the giveaway!  :)  thanks all :)


  1. It took me awhile to get used to Twitter too. It's hard at first because you only see bits and pieces of conversations.

    I've found it's easier to follow along on my Blackberry because I can click on the convo and see the whole feed. You can't do that on your computer... don't know why?

    Anywho... Just follow EVERYONE you can possibly think of. Haha. It's fun!

    PS -- @obxwife is my handle. Hope I helped a little. :D

  2. i'm not very good at twitter, but im trying to become better at it. it's not going so well :) i'm blondiebuckeye on there!

  3. I am trying to get to twitter champion status myself too. I try to tweet w/ a link every time I post something new, although occasionally it slips through my fingers. Then I try to tweet some interesting and not so interesting facts/thoughts about my day. My number one goal is to respond to people who tweet me. I hope that was a few tips on how I use twitter at least!

    Ramblings of a Small Town Girl

  4. YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY!!!!!!! it is very confusing at first; i would suggest using hootsuite (makes it easier to follow along and keep track of DM (direct messages) as well. and you can plug in your FB to it too on other tabs. i'm SO excited about this... seriously! oh, and RT (re-tweet) whenever you like something - i'll send you a separate email with some twitter etiquette later :)

  5. oh - my first piece of advice would be if you haven't picked a screenname yet - make it be your blog name - not your real name (branding) and then you can put your name in your profile

  6. My tip is... keep your initial expectations low but bloggers LOVE twitter so if you follow them (and let them know) often times they'll follow you!

    and when someone @ mentions you , definitely holla back at them!

  7. I still don't twitter! You'd need a decent phone for that and i feel like I just sort of missed the boat so....who knows when I get a new phone I might give it a shot

  8. haha, yep, still don't twitter!

  9. Holdup - you're on twitter? It's redic. confusing at first, and I still haven't mastered it but it is fun.

    I'm "Dancyny" - & there's a couple other bloggy-friends you might recognize through mine too.


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