Sunday, October 24, 2010

other people's perceptions of the big day

i received the following email after the wedding but just today finally got back to my computer and was sorting out emails and found it again.  it's so fun to hear what other people thought about the big day, because it helps me remember it all over again from a different point of view (and i can tell that people really did notice the little details as i'd hoped :))

here's an excerpt:

I had a wonderful, wonderful time at the wedding.  Some highlights for me:
  • Dance Dance Dance Senora
  • The bottoms of Jacin's shoes
  • The bus!!  The bus was Hi-larious.  Three people to a seat and more.  Laughs and songs.  Truly a riot. Too much.
  • Seeing you all outside of Page Hardware
  • The shrimp appetizer
  • The salted caramels - which the boys LOVED.  Perfect treat from the wedding.
  • Ann's dress
  • Stephen and Jacin's dance
  • Pretending to be back up dancers with Caitlin, Jocelyn, Christine and others who joined us.  Any shots of that?
  • FAMILY!!!! 
Jacin and Pat looked stunning and so did everyone.  The location was amazing and being out by the water with the little lights and islands was just incredible.

in addition to all the little things in life that make me happy, this is one of them.  when someone takes a moment out of their day to reach out to you and share a thought or memory is so special.  thank you for helping me re-live the big day through you!  :)


  1. I also got an email similar to this from one of our wedding guests! I was so appreciative that someone not only noticed all the little details, but took the time to write it all down for me. I am going to save that email for ever. :) I'm so glad you have a wonderful guest who did the same for you!

  2. That's so awesome that someone took the time to send you that. A bride always wants to hear that someone enjoyed the wedding. We all work so hard and it's nice to hear!

  3. The details are the deal makers. I know I see all the small things that you all do .. first .. it is a key to how wonderful you all are.


  4. We received so many similar messages/comments about our wedding! I think at least a dozen people dubbed it the "" (verbatim). It's so nice to hear that one's guests--especially the ones who traveled from far and wide--enjoyed themselves :)

  5. Oh how very cool is that! I got a great compliment on facebook from one of my attendee's :)

  6. this is great. I agree. Dan's Aunt periodically sends me emails with a picture from the day because she looks at her pictures often and sends me one every now & then to let us know she's thinking of us.


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