Wednesday, October 20, 2010

wedding recap part 2 - the morning-of

so back to where i left off...

saturday morning, september 25, i woke up to the sun shining through my childhood window blinds at my parents house.  it was perfect - i knew it was going to be a sunny day!  although my dad said my grandmother (mimi) would put in a good word for us upstairs, he also mentioned that she loved hurricanes.. so i was glad when mimi hooked me up with a sunny day instead :)

i was that girl who put together a schedule of events.  call me crazy, call me OCD, call me whatever you want.  but what i have never mentioned is that i do event/marketing planning for a day job so the organization factor kind of runs in my blood.  it wasn't too intense, it was just a little thing that had all the addresses, times and all the little details that was 90% to keep me sane and 10% to let everyone know where to be and when.  remember, we kind of had an all weekend ordeal going on and with so many people it was good to have a game plan.  (let me just tell myself that, ok?)

the morning of the wedding my 3 cousins and brother and i went to give mimi her corsage which my florist made with a flat back so it wouldn't blow away.  it was a gardenia just like the one i wore in my hair for her and it was really special to have a corsage for her, even if she was only there in spirit.  i know she loved to look down at us all chatting and hanging out with her, even if just for a little while.

next up we headed to get our hair done.  i had 2 hair trials before the wedding and didn't really like either one (not my stylist's fault, in fact, she did exactly what i asked her to do, but i was just so indecisive that nothing was right).   i was so tempted to just do my hair and wear it down but it was still hot out and i knew it would start to get frizzy before we even got back to the house for makeup, so i ended up with what i called "the birds nest".  my hair stylist curled all of my hair in long soft curls and then pinned them all up in the back with some pieces falling off.  by the end of the night it was a perfect mullet but it was still pretty, haha :)

BEFORE (c) scobey photography
AFTER (c) scobey photography

WAAAY after :) - dancing to flogging molly!
i wasn't crazy about my hair even after we left but once i put the dress and the flower and the veil and, of course, the shoes, it all kind of came together.  all day i was so stressed thinking - i want to look my best today!  side note - my thought of makeup entails bronzer, mineral veil from bare escentuals, mascara and maaaaybe a light shimmery gold eyeshadow.  every day.  so i am not used to getting all glammed up, hence the comment!

so after our hair we headed back to the house where some people were already getting their makeup done.  my mom looked so beautiful, as she never wears any makeup and she felt the same way i did with so much on but she really did look amazing.  the amazing jennie fresa did our makeup and really, amazing isn't even a strong enough word to describe her.  she is so adorable and her makeup skills are off the charts.  i had a photo of eva mendes (um, hello, i have blond hair and blue eyes) and i was like can you do this?  and she did.  love her!  all the girls were so happy with their makeup and the lashes :)

mom and jennie

bob (hobbes), our one-eyed border terrier wanted to be a bride too.  doesn't she look pretty :)

around this time our flowers showed up and i was so excited to see the final product.  they were exactly what i had hoped for, and more!!  jennifer hodgins is out of this world!!

(c) scobey photography
(c) scobey photography

and then my brother called me to the kitchen because pat had sent him with something for me.  he sent me a gorgeous bouquet of flowers, also from branford flower shop (see the ranunculus!!) and a card - yes - a very long and sentimental and perfect card.  secretly i think every bride hopes for this and it was adorable.  and... he also gave me a wonderful gift which you can see sparkling on my ears in the photo of me picking up my flowers, 2 pics up :).  i could not believe my eyes and kept touching my ears to see if that really just happened.  it was all really special.

this is when the day started to press fast forward, even though i asked it not to.  next thing i knew i was in my dress, and the girls were in theirs, putting the few last minute touches together.  how did the time go so fast?  i was SO convinced it wouldn't for me, but i guess everyone else was right.

christine, my maid of honor putting my gardenia (c) scobey photography

the shoes :) (c) scobey photography
and then, out of nowhere it seemed, i was on my way in my dad's SUV with christine in the back seat, my mom in the front and dad driving.  we made a loop around the green, to the town docks and back, and then before i knew it we were at the church waiting patiently outside with the ceremony under way.  i waited outside with my maid of honor and dad until it was christine's time to go inside and then my two best guy friends, really considered two of my second brothers, phil and jon, carried the white runner down the aisle and opened the doors for me and my dad to walk in.

and then it was time...

(c) scobey photography
more to come... :)

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  1. I love how organized you were! I feel I will be doing the same! :)

    Your flowers were so pretty! Loving this post and looking forward to more recaps!

  2. Beautiful shoes!!!!!!!!

    Um, is it sad that our wedding is 4 months away and I've already started to work on the schedule? The bride and groom will have one, the bridesmaids, the groomsmen, and then the parents. Yep. Totally not kidding. Type A? Probably :)

  3. don't worry about the schedule :) I had one fact, our out of town guests received an 8 page packet of information including the schedule for the entire weekend, lists of restaurants, bars, shops, and touristy stuff in our city, and a map that I hand drew. weren't as nuts as I was ;)

  4. oh gosh..the moment the doors open and all you can see is your future husband standing at the end of the aisle....butterflies!!
    love this post.

  5. I love your little chart. I'm the same way!! Ooohh so exciting! Your shoes look AMAZING!!! You too of course.

  6. haha... my mom is an event type planner for her job so my life revolves around those types of lists also :)

    I'm getting the feeling you didn't see Pat before the wedding??

  7. Girl, I had a schedule too and it was way more detailed than that, so don't feel bad! I didn't love my hair either, and it also ended up falling out by the end of the night. But I look at your hair and think it looks awesome, and people complimented me on my hair, so I think we both just have a case of brides being hard on ourselves. Can't wait for more recaps!

  8. AHhh, love the photos!! BEAUTIFUL!!! But is it weird that we got married on the same day, had a lot of the same things, felt a lot of the same things (the day didn't start fast forwarding to me until we were putting on the dress...then it was over in a blink of an eye), and that our now-husbands seemed to get us very similar girts. This can either be very eerie...or a sign that we both have amazing taste:)

  9. absolutely gorgeous! your pictures are incredible! that veil of yours is stunning!

  10. yay! I love your recaps! I can't wait for the next one!

  11. Aww, every bride wants a gift from their hubby to be. That's for sure!

  12. Hah! I love how you scheduled "get our nails did".

    Pat's present is really sweet. Dan and I agreed not to give each other anything - even if it was small, but now I regret it. It's a wonderful sentiment.

  13. I cannot get over your photos! Is it bad that I want to sit my fiance down in front of this post and say "Please, do as Pat does..."??

  14. Your hair, flowers, dress...everything was gorgeous! Great pictures!


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