Saturday, November 27, 2010

decking the halls - our thanksgiving weekend

totally non-wedding related but i wanted to share some images from our thanksgiving weekend... from our san francisco thanksgiving dinner that we hosted with friends to trimming the tree for our first christmas together as a married couple.  it was a wonderful weekend. 

*all are personal photos*
BEFORE (goldfish weren't part of the meal but they were my snackers as i cooked) :)
pat wanted to make his cookie bars
my friend chelsea set up our gorgeous tablescape - look at all the details!  she picked a thanksgiving poem for each person to read and scrolled it in to a twine/flower holder.  then she found a photo of each person and put in a mini silver frame to act as a placecard.  and can we please discuss the asparagus centerpiece?  she used my existing burlap runner down the center and made our tablecloth underneath.  it was amazing!  (and we got to use our china for the first time)
i made 2 pumpkin pies for the special day (and we're still eating it!) :)
mini pizzas & shrimp cocktail were all we needed for appetizers
we had some pretty clementines and amazing fleur de sel caramels from the candy jar
then it was time to carve my beautiful turkey (i stuffed it with an orange, halved, carrots, celery & onion
the yummy spread (from left, clockwise) - homemade applesauce with apples i smuggled back to CA from CT, scalloped oysters, sweet potato souffle, scallion cornbread biscuits made by chelsea,  mashed potatoes, the turkey, green beans & almonds, corn, stuffing with sausage/cranberries, and cranberry sauce.  yum!
our san francisco thanksgiving family (note i'm the only one drinking milk! haha)

and now for the tree trimming which we did the day after thanksgiving.  i travel so much for work that i've never been able to spend much time at home (wherever home is) during the holidays, so pat and i wanted to take advantage of the fact that i won't have to travel again until christmas and get our tree early this year.

we started a new tradition this year where we will buy a bottle of champagne for our tree trimming and we will write the year under the cork basket, and then put that on the tree.  i saw something similar in real simple magazine and i really liked it, and so did pat.  someday when we have kids we hope they will like this tradition too.
ok this is cool - pat's dad showed us this trick and we've been using it for years.  take an old newspaper or paper grocery bag and roll it up.  then when you take down your lights every year, wrap them around the rolled paper, and it makes it very easy to put the lights back on the following year (and prevents tangles)
all done!
time for a little nap :)

i hope everyone else had an amazing weekend no matter what you had going on!

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  1. So fun! That asparagus centerpiece is great! Happy Holidays!

  2. I love your thanksgiving table! it was set-up beautifully! I'm jealous of your Christmas tree! You're so ahead of the game!

  3. your thanksgiving spread looked great!! And your tree is beautiful!

  4. your table scape was gorgeous! and all your food looked amazing! beautiful tree too! cant wait to start ours. also really like your new tradition!

    glad you had a great Thanksgiving Day!

  5. Love this! The food and table scape looked wonderful and I love your Christmas tree! Glad to had a happy holiday :)

  6. Everything looks wonderful! i just LOOOOOVE your table it looks so good!! And the food looks sooo yummy, i'm hungry all over again for thanksgiving! lol and what a great tip for the lights!

  7. Oh the tree looks beautiful oh and so did your Thanksgiving spread!

  8. love love love!!! lovin' the sapphire blue, my birthstone color! :)

  9. Love everything here! Your food looked delicious and your set up/decor was beautiful and your tree is adorable! Love the idea about the champagne.. very unique. Sounds like a fantastic weekend!

  10. How cute are you 2? I love that you used your fine china. My Kilbarry's still sitting in my parent's basement. LOL

    And Yay for christmas tree decorating. The champagne is a great idea for a tradition.

  11. What a wonderful tradition to start! Love the tip about the lights, those things are awful to mess with.

  12. Yah for using registry china! Love that you used "smuggled apples." Looks lovely, warm and like a good time was had by all.

  13. Ooo I love the cork basket into ornament idea! hmmm.... ;)


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