Tuesday, November 30, 2010

fall inspiration series FINALE: inspiration board! (kate holland)

from jacin: what a treat it is to have the lovely kate holland from ruby & willow/magnolia rouge to provide today's finale in the fall inspiration series.  kate is such a talented person and has such a kind soul, you can't help but like her from the very start :) (and check out her work - she's amazing!).  thank you so much kate for pulling this together for us!

from kate: Hi lovely people... I'm delighted to be here as part of Jacin's fabulous Fall Inspiration series... there have been so many amazing posts full of wonderful pretty things so I guess mine is like a little summary of all things fall (or autumn as we call it in my parts). Now I know some might say the colours are cliche and I'm all for doing something different, however if it ain't broke don't fix it! I never tire of fall colours and Mother Nature certainly doesn't either as year after year we are treated to a spectacular display of these stunning colours. They just bring about such a warm feel good cozy appeal, so you really can't go wrong. And of course it lends itself so well to a rustic look which is my favourite! Hope you enjoy! Kxo

Photos from top left; Cider | Eat, Drink, Pretty Blog, Tractor | Etsy, Couple in Orchard | Jill Thomas
2nd row; Rattan Cake | by Jose Villa, Cowboy Boots | Jeremy Harwell, Chocolate Scarf | Tickled Pink Knits, Couple with bike | Allyson Magda
3rd row; Mustard Shoes | Ruche, Autumn Scene | Duston Todd, Couple in Orchard | Jill Thomas

from jacin: wow - what an amazing few weeks it's been!  i can't thank my guest bloggers enough for making this series so much fun.... and for providing so much creativity!!

for fall brides looking for a summary of amazing inspiration to get you going, look no further - here's the roundup for Fall Inspiration!

Cake Toppers
Inspiration Board


  1. Such a pretty board! Makes me want to rewind and have fall all over again! Sigh. Wonderful work, as always, Kate! And Jacin, I think a round of applause is in order for your fabulous idea and all your hard work getting everything together! And to all of the bloggers - another round of applause for you! Fantastic everyone! Thrilled to be a part of something so fun!

  2. I just want to live inside this gorgeous board. Oh how I wish autumn never ended.

  3. absolutely beautiful!!! my favorite time of year. what a great round of posts ladies!!

  4. what a way to end it!!! Fall is so magical

  5. I am so with you here Kate. If it's not broken, don't fix it... I love those colours and your board is once again, fantastic.

  6. I enjoyed your inspiration series! (I'm partial to the DIY snowglobes.) Definitely have more of these!

  7. I love all of Kate's boards and yes her being one of my besties helps a lot!

  8. fall is such a special time.. thank you for this series! I have loved every post :-)

  9. What a great series Jacin! Congrats to you on all the guest bloggers! OK I always say how much I love this and love that on all of the wedding blogs...but WOW! Kate this is amazing! I LOVE everything!! The couple kissing, the cake, the tractor, the mustard flats, the boots, the fall scene!! So romantic, stunning, and such a great way to pull autumn colors together. It's classy fall without being too over done. LOVE IT!

  10. so so gorgeous! and what a wonderful way to celebrate fall (which happens to be my favorite!) amazing job pulling this all together!

  11. this is so beautiful! i love the shoes in the bottom left!! great picks!

  12. Oh, I love the fall :) Such a pretty board, and a great set of posts, Jacin!


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