Monday, November 29, 2010

fall inspiration series part 11: cake toppers! (lucinda wesson)

from jacin: i am blown away more and more each time i receive a guest post in my email.  everyone is so creative and unique and i love it!  and those two words are the perfect description (along with lovely!) for today's guest blogger, lucinda wesson (can we discuss how amazing her name is!) from chocolate creative design.  lucinda is such a kind-hearted person and i am so happy to have her on here today representing the cake toppers.  so go ahead, check them out!  thanks lucinda!

from Lucinda: When the lovely Miss Jacin asked if I would be a part of her Fall Wedding Inspiration Series, I excitedly jumped at the chance! When I chose cake toppers, I'm not quite sure I knew what I was getting myself into..but I love a good challenge. 

These days, so many people are thinking outside the box and having fun choosing creative options other than the classic wedding cake for their dessert. Dessert tables and cupcakes have now become the norm. Yet, I believe with a little creativity, wedding cakes can make a comeback!

My theory when I design and style for weddings, is that all those wonderful details should tell a story..the Bride and Groom's story. It can be as simple as a favorite color, family heirloom or even a song but it should tie together starting with the Save the Date all the way through to the topper on the wedding cake.

As far as Fall Inspiration, you have so many options..but I do believe that you don't have to be locked into Fall colors. As long as you have a base of either a warm grey or deep chocolate brown than colors like turquoise and blush can certainly make it into the picture.

So get ready, open your minds and have some fun..

No one can resist the classic love birds..but with a twist!
Paper Birds at Tuck and Bonte, Custom House & Birds at Middleburg, Silhoutte Birds at Middleburg
Acorn Birds by Ann Wood Handmade,  Felt and Fabric Birds by Hey Miemie
Autumn Birds by The Girl in Yellow

You can't forget those foxes who keep showing up EVERYWHERE in Design...
Foxes by Desicra

Simple Banners and Buntings...
Banner by ReadyGo, Bunting by KikiLaRue

Peacocks, wire and stained glass OH MY!!
Cake toppers by WeddingAndWire

We certainly cannot forget edible art...
Edible sugar leaves by AndieSpecialtySweets

Edible chocolate cocoa bean candy acorns by AndieSpecialtySweets
Edible chocolate filled toadstools by AndieSpecialtySweets

Fabulous pair of hand-stamped custom vintage forks and spoons.
Found via  Wooden Hive

I am absolutely obsessed with ANYTHING vintage...I love the fact that they already come with a story, could be your something old and isn't it good to recycle?
1930's Cake Topper at Neatcurios
Vintage wood Acorn box at TheButterDish
This acorn box is so sweet and the bride and groom could write love notes and tuck them inside.

One of the most unique finds are vintage salt & pepper shakers..
They always come in pairs and can be used later in the home.
Vintage Silver pears at AutumnAlways, Vintage Silver Birds at TasticLife
Vintage Silver Owls at AntoinettesWhims, Vintage Ceramic and Cork Mushrooms at TwoStringJane

Lastly there is always the DIY...
Many Brides are opting for unusual bouquets so why not match it with your cake topper...
Paper Bouquets at WhetherPaperworks and Desicra
Ohh those lovely vintage brooch bouquets by 1Amanda !!

You can find hundreds upon hundreds of amazing brooches on Etsy!
Why not create your own?!

Now speaking of DIY, 
I was reminded of the cake toppers that I created for a winter wedding shoot that I Art Directed 
last December. Now if I can do it..anyone can!
Figures created by Chocolate Creative Design

So be creative, have some fun and never ever forget about YOUR story!

fall inspiration contributors: 

Cakes: Here  I  Bouquets: Sparkle & Hay  I  Placecards: bWed Exclusive 
Paper: Paper Moss  I  Inspiration Board: Ruby & Willow
Cake Toppers: Chocolate Creative Design  I  Centerpieces: Landlocked Bride
Card Boxes: Creative Custom Card Boxes  I  Accessories: Oatmeal Lace Design


  1. All these are such creative and inspiring ideas. Thanks, Lu, for pulling it together. It's got us thinking about the perfect topper for Chelsea's wedding next fall. Stay tuned!

  2. loving the hand-stamped vintage forks and cake server! i would love to have that : )

  3. love the edible acorns! great post. :)

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  5. oh my gosh, some of these are so creative and cute!

  6. i simply cannot believe you made those!!! they are my FAVORITES!!! :) such great inspiration!

  7. What a fun roundup!
    Love the salt and pepper shaker idea!

  8. Wow! So many fabulous and fun ideas here! Great roundup!

  9. i have to refer my girlfriend who is planning her August 2011 wedding to your site. so much inspirational pictures/info in here! love your site. i wish i was a bride again!

  10. I love all the little birds, acorns, and toadstools! My favorite are the acorn birds by Ann adorable!

  11. Wow. Some of those are really quite cool! Seriously, wow!

  12. Cake toppers are my current obsession.. love the foxes! So cute!

  13. I LOVE those little handmade birds!!! So adorable! And that cake top left is amazing with those toppers! And the one's you made... seriously - SO clever!!

  14. Thank you everyone!! You have just warmed my heart!!


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