Thursday, December 30, 2010

lovely little details - update

Hi!  As you know, she said yes! is currently in the process of changing over to lovely little details {LLD} and I've been working whenever possible (still snowed-in on the east coast and currently playing musical houses and staying with whoever we can each night, so work time is limited) to keep things moving along. Today I finally changed up the actual back-end name to lovely little details, but to those of you who are so kind as to list my blog in your sidebar, you may have to change the name manually.  I can't even tell you how much I appreciate being listed and I'm sorry to trouble you with changing the name!

Also, you'll see that if you go to, that link is now active as well :)

More to come very soon :)



  1. Awesome! I'll make sure to change my sidebar and add this link to my reader as well!

  2. sweet jacin, lovelylittledetails is one of my favorite blogs and it is forever in my sposare blog sidebar! I wish this new friendship become stronger on 2011! Lots of love, piece and faith! XOXO! Andrea Mentor

  3. and now I am your follower here also! Loved!!

  4. Can't wait to see LLD!! Happy New Year!

  5. love the new name! happy new year : )

  6. Very cool! I look forward to seeing all of the new changes and I will continue to follow of course!!!!

  7. no trouble at all. it is so exciting to see how this went from a wedding planning blog for youself to helping future brides plan their wedding! love it!

    will continue to follow even though i haven't been wedding planning in over a year! it is just fun to see all the new things and who knows? if we ever renew our vows i want to be in the in, hehe.

    Happy New Year!


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