Sunday, December 26, 2010

twinkling lights for your big day

Hope everyone had an amazing holiday weekend!  I know I did - and I'm still enjoying the benefits of being home, as I am totally snowed in and extended my stay an extra day due to the blizzard!  I love it!!!

my parents' back porch with the blackberry cam

So Christmas is over, and all the returns will be happening in the next few days - and to you brides who are looking for twinkling lights at your wedding, this is YOUR time to get out there and purchase lights!!  With the holidays over, strands of holiday lights are going to be significantly reduced in price so make sure you head out (when the roads are clear!) and pick some up this week!

In the spirit of twinkling lights and sparkling accents, here are a few images I pulled from one of my pinterest boards :)

Images from:,,,,,, cottage living.

Happy Monday!


  1. there is something so special and romantic about white lights and sparkle.

  2. twinkling lights are my favorite :)

  3. we did twinkle lights over the dance floor -- it made the lighting soft and romantic -- I LOVED it!

  4. Cafe lights are so pretty!

    Enjoy the snow. :D

  5. I think that's one of my fave parts of this season is the lights... so I think they'd be a GREAT addition to a night wedding!!!

  6. We extended our trip by about half a day! We were in CT for Christmas and we ended up ditching the whole idea of flying home, rented a car and drove. It was exhausting but if we had waited for a flight God only knows when we would have been able to get back to SC!


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