Friday, January 7, 2011

Beachy Loves {Honeymoon Gear}

I so badly want to hit you up with the cliche "baby it's cold outside" but I'll hold myself back on that one :)

But - although this is the time for cozy fleece blankets, hot cocoa, and maybe a sparkly new pair of Uggs, it is also a nice time to start thinking of your honeymoon gear, or if anything, the light at the end of the winter tunnel that is called summer!


I was perusing through the 1,000,000 magazines that Victorias Secret sends me (no, seriously, please stop sending them to me and instead re-plant the forest that you use to print them in the first place because I always end up shopping online), and came across some lovely little summer garments.  And as I tend to do, I had to share them with you!

I may or may not have purchased a few of these suits today:

top: $33, bottom: $16 source

top $34, bottom $20 source

top $20, bottom $18 source have i told, you lately, i love ruffles

source {vix} splurge-worthy: top $82, bottom $82

i bought this last year in black - adorable {and on sale!} top $18, bottom $10.50 source

bought this a few years back and still love it {sale} top $15, bottom $14 source

And we can't send you to a tropical climate without a few coverups, right?

honeysuckle ruffles, $24 teal maxi, $89 {sale}

white & sparkle $48, flirty skirt $39.50

And if you do decide to do some warm weather gear shopping, use the code SHIPVS100 for free shipping on purchases over $100 (and check for some more online coupons).

Here's to warming you up on this blustery Friday :)

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  1. Ok - now I'm just thoroughly depressed! And it's not fair that they model the bathing suits on actual super skinny tan models - b/c the order does not come with that body! False advertising!!

  2. I am in desperate need of a new swim suit... VS is always my go to place for beach wear!!!

  3. I love that orange/navy/white striped suit!

    Honestly about the VS catalogues! I think I must have received at least a dozen of them just in the past two weeks. NOT. NECESSARY.

  4. um... I love the swim suits but can I just order myself a new body to look like one of theirs... LOL

  5. and boy that made me sound weird... :)

  6. Love the one with the little anchor. I am a sucker for nautical things! Also love the polkadot one.

  7. OMG, I ordered two suits from VS for our honeymoon next month. One of them is above, LOL Great taste, Doll :)

  8. I LOVEEE those suits. damn not having a body for any of them, but still. love them. And since it's snowing here in MA right now, I'm just gonna imagine myself wearing them on a beach in hawaii for a while <3

  9. i don't have a honeymoon to attend but boy do i want to snatch up about 7 of the items you have listed on here ... ok, i lie, i want everything.

  10. I love all the swimsuits esp the black, white and orange one! The polka dot one is so cute! Haven't been a fan of those sparkly uggs yet...guess I have to see them on someone! But I do love that sparkly coverup! Hope you're having a great weekend!

  11. Love all these suits and expecially the teal maxi dress! Gorgeous!


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