Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Bride Guide: Buy Champagne This Week!

A new addition to the blog will be tips on Tuesdays.  I've polled all of my current brides, newlyweds, wedding industry friends, and married friends and family for their "I wish I knew that when I was planning my wedding" advice, to provide to you each week.  If you have something to add to the list, please contact me!

Today's tip is:

champagne image from domaine chandon

New Years is over, and the stores all stocked up on champagne for the big event... meaning the stores have plenty of leftovers that are going on sale as we speak!

If you have to stock the bar for your wedding day (or engagement party, rehearsal dinner, or any other event), now is the time to get out there and purchase your bubbly!

Thanks Caroline (Sphynge Photography) for this great (and timely) tip!

{and come back this afternoon for a second installment today :)}


  1. what a great tip! i hope lots of people do this!

  2. awesome! my weddings in 137 days (not counting down at all) and trying to save everywhere we can :)

  3. I do love me some champagne..... too bad it's off limits for 8 more months lol

    great tip!!!

  4. What a phenomenal idea! Is it wrong to stock up on bubbly even if I don't have a looming event?!

  5. Yes! It's also the perfect time to stock up on candles, Italian globe lights for outdoor weddings, and vases - they are all on sale!

  6. @La Petite Coquine - it is NEVER wrong to stock up on bubbly if you ask me!!

  7. Awesome tip! Esp since we're planning on putting together our bar/hutch/stemware holder thing soon. :)


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