Friday, February 25, 2011

A Lovely Engagement Story: Christy & Ercole

(c) Mike Ross Photography

I don't think I can tell you enough how much I love opening my email to find a note from a reader, whether it's just saying hello, asking for advice on how to decorate a space {or how to make homemade jam!}, or sending me their story along with lovely images to tell the tale.  When I received an email from Christy, I couldn't help but smile as I read the story of her engagement to Ercole.  I think I have a warm spot in my heart for these two, as they are fellow Connecticut residents, were engaged in Rhode Island {Block Island, no less, which is one of my favorite places on earth}, and their story just makes me feel happy.  And I just had to share this happiness with you to add to your Friday bliss :)

Here is their story, via Christy & Ercole...

For the past 10 years or so, Christy has been going to Block Island with her family, and in 2009, Ercole joined along. This was Ercole's second year, and it was definitely a special one. Ercole had brought his car onto the island which made things for him alot easier. The couple arrived the sunday prior, on August 1st. Throughout the week, many family and friends had visited at the house. On Friday the 6th, Ercoles parents came that morning to spend the night. That night, there was a party going on at the house with all friends from the marina. All the kids had spent the night which made Ercole's plans go accordingly. That morning, Christy had wanted to go and get the Island's famous donuts. All week when the two would go out in the morning, Ercole would tell Christy that she looked fine in her pajamas and she didn't have to change. On this day, she decided to take him up on that, but she was not expecting him to to tell her that he thought she should change into normal clothes. The kids requested to be brought into town for breakfast. Ercole and Christy were dropping them off, and picking up her cousin in about an hour. 

All week, Christy wanted to go for a ride around the island, and Ercole thought this was the perfect opportunity. While they were driving on one of the most beautiful days, Christy was angry that she didn't bring her camera. Thats when Ercole, the amazing person he is, took her camera out of his pocket. Christy began taking pictures as they drove around. Ercole mentioned he had never been to the Bluffs and that he wanted to go check them out. Christy tried to discourage him by reminding him about all the stairs they would have to walk down and up, but he insisted it was ok. When they made it to the bottom, the two stood for about 20 minutes taking in the beauty. Finally, when they were ready to go back up, Ercole decided he wanted to take a picture with the self-timer, something the two of them never do. Little did she know, Ercole had it on video. A woman coming down, offered to "take the picture", and after hesitation, Ercole agreed. After pretending to take a picture, Ercole began to tell Christy what he was really doing the week before, and got down on one knee. Christy repeatedly asked Ercole if he was kidding, if he was joking, and then finally said YES!! 

Personal picture from the day {Christy & Ercole}

When they made it back to the top, Ercole told Christy that his cousin (who "missed" the ferry) never missed the ferry and was in town. When they arrived in town to pick them up, Christy was brought to tears when she saw all of her best friends standing there too! 

The girls had on custom made tank tops and were just as excited! 

The day consisted of champagne, family, friends, and celebrations!

It was the most heartfelt engagement and Christy and Ercole couldn't be happier to begin their lives together!

Christy and Ercole had their engagement session at Chamard Vineyard in Clinton, CT and Mike Ross {of Mike Ross Photography} took some amazing shots that I am also excited to share.

Lastly, there's even some video footage of the lovely couple, courtesy of Zip06, starting at 6:52 minutes in {and you will see the lovely Alia and Scott in the beginning, too!}

All the happiness to you both, thank you for sharing with us!

Happy Friday, everyone :)


  1. Perfect words needed their faces said it all.

  2. oh my goodness could that proposal have been any more perfect!!!

    I hope you have a lovely weekend jacin!

  3. What a fun enagement story!!! And engagement pics at a vineyard?! Love it!

  4. these two are glowing! great story :)

  5. Lovely couple! you can see the love in their eyes!!!They shine!!!

  6. What a lovely proposal, I love that he had it all planned out and even told her this time to change out of her pjs! How awesome is it that her friends were there with those shirts! Almost had me in tears. Lovely story. Congrats! Glad they shared it with you so you could share it with us! <3 Happy Weekend Jacin!

  7. Aw, sweet story! I could read engagement stories & look at engagement photos all day. Congrats to this lovely couple!!!

  8. What a sweet couple! That engagement story is just so darling!

    Have a wonderful weekend!

  9. Such a sweet story! And it makes me want to take a trip to the East coast!

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