Sunday, February 27, 2011

Mason Jar Sunday: DIY Colored Masons from 100 Layer Cake

Scott Clark

I just spotted this DIY tutorial on 100 Layer Cake (it went up while I was on my honeymoon, hence I missed it the first time!) and had to share it for today's Mason Jar Sunday.

From 100 Layer Cake:

Mason jars or other glass containers
Spray paint
Masking tape (if you want to get serious about keeping the edges of the jars clean)

Scott Clark

Again, this really doesn’t need detailed instructions. You just set your jars outside on some newspaper and spray the inside of each jar until it’s well coated.

The only thing we want to make sure to point out is that some colors aren’t completely opaque. Which means when you fill them with water and flowers (and florist foam if you’re using it) the color will be darker than you planned, since you’ll be able to see the stems and water through the paint.

BUT, we have a solution that we only figured out once we were in the middle of arranging our flowers. If you choose a semi-transparent color (like the hot pink we’re showing), add a second coat of opaque white spray paint to the inside after the color coat is dry. We tested it after the fact and it works perfectly. Yay for solutions!

photo from 100 Layer Cake

And one final tip… when you’re arranging your flowers, be careful not to scrape the inside of the jars with the stems. The paint will come off!


  1. Very cool idea. This blog is always a highlight of my Sunday evening. :)

  2. they look so darling all colored up! great tutorial!

  3. How fun are these!? Love them!

  4. What a fantastic project and I really want to do it too:)Thanks,sweetie and enjoy your Sunday
    Hugs and kisses

  5. Oh!I LOVE These ! SO bright and colourful!

  6. I am crushing hard on these brightly colored mason jars! Crushing BIG time :)


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