Friday, March 4, 2011

Bloggers {Unveiled}: Amanda Nistor from Ruffled!

I'm so excited to kick off the Bloggers {Unveiled} series today with Amanda Nistor, editor of Ruffled. If you're new to the series, you can learn all about it here.  Here's Amanda!

The Blogger:

Hi, I'm Amanda, I'm the editor of Ruffled. I started Ruffled in 2008 as a source of inspiration for vintage brides planning their weddings. In three years, the site has expanded into indie and intimate weddings with beautiful handcrafted details in addition to my love for all things vintage.

Thanks for inviting me to be a part of your column!


{Unveiled} Questions:

How did you get started in the wedding world?
While planning my vintage-inspired wedding back in 2008, there were no resources easily available to brides. I combined my obsession with vintage with wedding planning withdrawal and then the rest is history.

What is your makeup staple? 
SPF 30 tinted moisturizer!

What's one thing that others don't know about you?
My husband would say that I'm very shy, but I beg to differ...

What's one piece of advice you would give to others trying to get started with their own business?
Keep a part-time job until your business is self-sufficient.

What is your favorite part about weddings? 
The love that is poured over from everyone involved in them. I pinch myself everyday to be in contact with couples who are madly in love and with vendors who love what they do.

What is your hobby outside of blogging {is there life outside blogging} :)?
I love making jewelry for myself...whenever I have a short break from Ruffled :)

To learn more about Amanda, go here.  To see the entire lineup of lovely contributors to the Bloggers {Unveiled} series, click here and make sure to pop back in every Friday to get to know the people behind your favorite blogs!!

Happy Friday everyone!


  1. Aaww what a sweetie. Another blog to check out and no doubt be inspired by.

  2. oooh I already love this series!!!

  3. love amanda's blog and love this new series!

  4. Ruffled is amazing & it's great to see who's behind the blog :)

  5. Jacin, this is such a wonderful new feature! Ruffled was a HUGE resource for me when planning my wedding last year - I owe Amanda so much!

  6. this is so fantastic!!! i love the peek into Amanda's life, and even more i LOVE Ruffled!!! xo

  7. loveee this. ruffled is one of my favorite blogs to look at.

  8. Very cool! I love learning about the heart and soul behind great blogs. Thanks for sharing!

  9. great series! love interviews and getting to know some of our fave bloggers.

  10. Love this series. I'm your newest follower, gonna spread the word with my Sunday post. Do hope you're gonna follow back, I'll feel totally flattered. Love + speak soon

  11. I adore Ruffled! So getting such great advice from Amanda is really awesome! Love this little series too Jacin :) xo

  12. What a terrific series, and such a great interview! Amanda's advice is fantastic!

  13. Such an amazing series, so great to read about other wedding bloggers and how they got into this!

  14. I love Ruffled! Amanda is so nice, great getting to know her a little better!

  15. Love this series! Thanks for sharing! Great post.

  16. Great questions! I love the tip about keeping a part time job until your blog and business becomes successful.

  17. I love her blog and it was nice to get to know the face behind the blog. Great interview!

  18. I am so happy I found your blog and this post! I think you are both great! I just found out about Ruffled last month in Brides and stopped by a few times. Her blog is great and it's so lovely to see the sweet person behind it!
    Thanks for giving us all a back stage pass!

  19. I love that you kicked off the series with Amanda from Ruffled, one of my personal faves!Can't wait to meet your next unveiled blogger! GREAT SERIES!!!! Much luck with it!!!

  20. LOVE this series!!! And super LOVE Ruffled!!! It really is fabulous to get to know the person behind the blog ~ and Amanda seems just as sweet as can be. I love how her husband would say she is shy...I am quite shy myself, but I don't think people would know that when you write a blog!!!



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