Friday, March 11, 2011

Bloggers {Unveiled}: Courtney Dial from Pizzazzerie!

Today's Bloggers {Unveiled} post features the sweetest southern belle you'll ever meet, Courtney Dial, editor and owner of Pizzazzerie.  If you're new to the series, you can learn all about it here. Here's Courtney!

The Blogger:

With a love of entertaining, Courtney Dial is quickly becoming a well-known stylist in the field of party design and décor. Growing up in the South, she attended Vanderbilt University earning both a bachelors in Communications and masters in Organizational Leadership. Since March 2010, she has grown into a go-to source for all things entertaining. Regularly appearing on Nashville news broadcasts, Courtney has also been published in several print publications including Nashville Lifestyles Magazine.

In addition to designing everything from children’s birthday celebrations to chic dinner parties, she is also a writer for several online food and lifestyle publications including Hostess with the Mostess, Oh My! Handmade Goodness, She Knows, and Fabulous Living {to name a few}.

{Unveiled} Questions:

How did you get started in the wedding world?
It wasn't necessarily something I started out to do but I love tablescapes and "crafty" things. My focus started out on parties but I have added in a bit of wedding design as well. Weddings are a time for designing elegant and gorgeous tablescapes that pull together the personalities of the happy couple. I love to find out a couple's favorite colors, memories, foods, etc. and combine all these for a gorgeous design!

What is your makeup staple?
Oooh, easy! Mascara! Hands down, Christian Dior Show Mascara. Amazing. Don't leave the house without it on.  {note from Jacin: a girl after my own heart!!  I LOVE diorshow and this is my staple as well!}

What is one thing that others don't know about you?
I was a career counselor prior to starting I worked at my alma mater, Vanderbilt University, helping bring companies on campus and coaching the students on resumes, interviews, etc.

What is one piece of advice you would give to others trying to get started with their own business?
Take a long look at whether or not you can eat, breathe, live, love your job. I knew that Pizzazzerie could go full time (or that I had the drive for it to) when I realized I'd rather sacrifice sleep and pretty much everything else for it :) When you love something THAT much, it's a good sign.

What is your favorite part about weddings?
The tablescapes + favors + design details. It's how the couple brings out their personality whether that's through the location or the flowers, it doesn't matter. That's what I love about weddings, the truly unique parts to couple!

What is your hobby outside of blogging {is there life outside blogging} :)?
I don't think I have a life outside of blogging :) Kidding! I spend a lot of time with my boyfriend, watching movies, going shopping, dragging myself to the gym, regular things :) I'm a pretty average person I'd say. I'm very into my job, however, so I'm usually found with either laptop or blackberry in hand.

For more information, visit Pizzazzerie - and make sure to stop by next Friday for our next blogger :)

Thanks, Courtney!


  1. It's so nice to put a face behind the URL! Thanks Jacin for this awesome series! I am so excited to read all the replies you've gotten

  2. Wow she's a busy woman, sounds like she is doing an amazing job. Love this series! :)

  3. beautiful post!!!!
    this style love it!
    follow u now

  4. Aw! Southern gals! So sweet and strong.

  5. Thank you SO much Jacin! Such an honor to be interviewed by your beautiful self for such a great site! xoxo!

  6. What a great interview! Courtney is quite the busy bee!

  7. love love love the name hahaha

    is she cute or what!!

    Thanks for your sweet comment yesterday!

  8. So proud and inspired by everything Courtney is doing! Great interview!

  9. I think Courtney is just the cutest little thing and I LOVE her site :)

  10. Love love love Courtney + Pizzazzerie! GREAT post :)

  11. I love that she said "dragging myself to the gym" instead of going to the gym lol! I feel the exact same way! I love this series because it is inspirational :)

  12. I heart Courtney!!! She is as sweet as they come, darling, and oh so talented!!! And it is so fabulous to hear a little more about her! She's real and honest and inspiring ;-)))

    Love this series, and can't wait to see who is next!


  13. I'd never heard of Courtney & Pizzazzerie (clearly, I'm behind on things!) so this was a great introduction!

  14. She's quite impressive. I too cannot live without my beloved Dior mascara.

  15. thanks for an awesome peek into pizzazzerie! she's awesomely impressive for sure, i love her work!

  16. Courtney and yourself are such an inspiration :) Love it all, and so looking foreword to the next blogger revealed ;)

  17. No words needed...but I will say that Courtney and I "met" one late night and we've had a connection ever since then. I want to be just like her one day :-) I always say she's the bravest 20 something I know.


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