Friday, March 25, 2011

Bon Voyage, Annie! {a little virtual send-off}

As many of you may know, our beloved Annie of Marry You Me is headed off on a flight as we speak to move to London for the next few months with her hubby as they embark on a semester abroad!

So in true blogger fashion, we threw together a little Bon Voyage card for her to give her our well wishes for her new adventure :)

Best of luck Annie, we'll miss you!!

{Speaking of Annie, I am guest posting on Marry You Me today!  Go take a look at a little London inspiration board and map I made for her over here.}

Happy Friday, everyone!


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  2. Very sweet of all of you to do that for her. I need to go look at her blog! All the best on your travels Annie :)

  3. The board today was perfect, and this came out so beautifully! How talented you are, lady!

  4. How thoughtful!!! Annie is a lucky girl to have you all... AND a lucky girl to be traveling abroad for the semester! So excited to peek at her blog :)

  5. Jacin, what font is your note in? I absolutely love it!!


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