Saturday, March 19, 2011

Real Bride Perspective: Love is in the Details {Guest Post}

from jacin: I love love love when readers reach out to me to say hi, it truly makes my day!  The lovely Cailen Ascher, a bride-to-be and blogger, reached out to me recently to see if she could pay a visit to my blog in the form of a guest post from the perspective of a bride in the midst of planning, and I accepted with a happy heart!  Here she is :)

From Cailen: first off, a big thank you to jacin for letting me hijack her fabulous blog.  i've been following lovely little details for a while now, and it never fails to inspire me and fuel my wedding-planning fire.

so, hello!  my name is cailen, and i write over at lifestyle maven, a blog about good food, good drinks and living the good life.  my fiance, craig, and i are in the throes of planning our wedding for this november.  for any of you who have planned or are in the process of planning a wedding, you know it's no small undertaking.  there are so many details to consider, plans to put into play and vendors to book.  it's easy to lose sight, from time to time, of the real reason for your wedding.  you know...the fact that you're in love with this amazingly wonderful person and that you want to share your life together.

so, with that notion in mind, i wanted to revel in the here and now and share with you how craig and i are keeping love in the details of our wedding...

craig & me, m2 photography

our venue, xix restaurant

we've booked our venue, xix restaurant, in philadelphia for november 5th, 2011 and have allowed the room (see the above picture) to guide our vision.  our colors are ivory, pearl, steely silver and gold.  the space has a timeless sophistication and looks like it's straight out of a classic film.  just what we were hoping for.  the restaurant gets it's name, xix, from the 19th floor of the bellevue hyatt in philadelphia on which it's located, and the huge arched windows afford stunning views of the city.



xix cake

another shot of xix

our save-the-date coasters

me & craig, m2 photography

so, from my photo montage, you can see we're going for an elegant event with a throw-back feel (see the grace kelly picture?!).  we still have a bit left to plan, but we're loving the ride...


  1. So lovely to see the planning-couple's perspective of things! Clearly, Craig & Cailen are going to have a lovely, elegant wedding -- such a fabulous venue and such stylish inspiration pieces (including Grace & Frank, no less)!

  2. I love your whole style. The venue is stunning

  3. Sounds like you'll have the perfect day and evening. Your last photo is precious!

  4. Thanks again Jacin!!! Happy weekend

  5. looks like it is going to be gorgeous!

  6. What beautiful inspiration-hope Cailen will share photos from the big day!

  7. What nice pictures!

    I am following you (suelee1998) from the blog hop, you have a great site. Would you please follow me back?
    thank you :)

  8. Beautiful ideas! :-)

    Pssst you are the WINNER!!!

  9. I love the timeless hollywood glam... I think the venue will work beautifully for a modern/timeless/elegant affair... Nice to see it unfold.


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